Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#22

After reviewing your website, I cannot say it any better than your list of 10 Reasons Why Families Should Travel To Belize I have added my own thoughts so this covers it all!

1. Belize is mind bogglingly beautiful. A nature lover and photographers paradise.  Beautiful scenery, rainforests and beaches.  Amazing native birds and  animals.
2. Belize is affordable. With the current US economy, affordability is a top priority.
3. There is plenty to do for the entire family. A family trip or a second honeymoon.  Nature tours, beaches, animals,
snorkeling, rainforest and horseback riding for the family.  Fine dining for my husband and me.  Relaxing spa services for me, me, me!
4. Belize is an educational experience. Belize has culture, nature, rainforests, and beaches, things foreign to northeast Wisconsin.
5. English and Spanish are spoken. Excellent opportunity to practice my Spanish and put my Spanish degree to the test.

5. The climate of Belize is near perfect. Unlike Wisconsin, where one day you need air conditioning, the next day you need heat!
6. It is easy to work out the money. This helps to us to spend our vacation dollars wisely.
7. Belize is full of Belizeans – The warmest and friendliest people around. A good friend who is anti-travel, has been to Belize twice.   He cannot say enough about the wonderful people he met there.  This is the highest endorsement…to travel to a country where the people welcome you and appreciate your visit.
8. Surf and Turf. Water sports or rainforest hikes, Belize has the best of land and sea.
9. The most accessible
Maya archaeological sites in the world are in Belize. Having a major in Spanish and a background education in Mayan culture is not nearly as impressionable as a trip to the actual sites.  This is one of my greatest desires for a trip to Belize.
10. It is easy to get to and from Belize.  No hassles with travel, means a better, more relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

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