Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#37
When most people think of Florida… thhey think of it as some sort of paradise! I have lived there most of my life and with that said, I have another definition!!! 

I am a single Mom that works in Baghdad, Iraq.I have been here almost two years. My 19-year-old Daughter Makenzie is in college in Johnson City Tennessee where she is working her way to becoming a Pharmacist!All parents think their child is the “best”, but I can honestly say that my daughter is awesome!In exchange for living and working in a war zone, I get a child that was on the Dean’s List twice during her first year!!In addition to that, she earned 41 credits her freshman year – an incredible achievement.She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi and is involved in several other organizations, which doesn’t allow her any “down or me time”.

For both of us, our schedules do not allow too much time for fun or relaxation!So, at night, in my 10×10 CHU, I diligently surf the Internet for what I consider a “paradise”, so that one time throughout the year, we can enjoy at least one week.

When I came across Chaa Creek…. II was mesmerized! So I sent Makenzie an email with two links. One was Belize and the other was Costa Rica and I told her to decide where we would spend our vacation.She sent me an email back, and all it said was BELIZE!

Belize looks incredibly beautiful with temperatures that are much better than the 130-degree days I have had to endure this summer in Iraq. The water appears to be a color that I cannnot even begin to describe. And its soooo green! A much more beautiful environment than the desert!! The resort offers everything that Makenzie and I enjoy. We plan on days at the spa getting manicures and pedicures, massages and facials. We cannot wait to just relax under the trees and listen to the birds sing cheerfully. We cannnot wait to hit the stores and meet the locals and learn everything about the Belize culture and lifestyle. I want to finally… at 48 years old see the Rainforest!! We are both very active and love life and want to enjoy every minute of the time that we have together…¦ And there is no doubt that BELIZE & CHAA CREEK is the place!!

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