It would be such a pleasure to honeymoon in Belize

I was searching for a unique place to go for my honeymoon when I found out about Belize. I didn’t want the usual Hawaii or Bora Bora. Since I was planning a budget wedding and honeymoon, I looked for a place that is exotic but doesn’t cost a fortune to get to. There were several options in the Central America such as Curacao or Turks and Caicos. They all seemed very exotic but didn’t have the spark to get my full attention.

I wanted my honeymoon to be relaxing but at the same time adventurous. While looking through travel magazines, there was a page that introduced Belize with a photo of the sea and jungle. As I was about to flip the page, something in the jungle caught my eye. It was the remnants of the great Mayan empire. Right there and then, I crossed out all the other options. The next exciting task was to look for a place to stay in Belize. I searched to see if there were any over-water bungalows but it seemed like a luxury that only existed in Tahiti and Maldives (too expensive for my liking).

But thankfully and miraculously I came across a lodge that had a treetop suite in Belize – the Lodge at Chaa Creek. I could imagine myself in that palm thatched, luxurious wooden suite, enjoying the time of my life in a Jacuzzi, listening to the sounds of Belize. I was as excited as the moment when I saw an over-water bungalow. It felt like a bonus to have found such an exotic and unique place to stay in Belize. If this lodge were somewhere else other than Belize, I would have had to go through another painful decision-making session.

It would be such a pleasure to spend my honeymoon in Belize at the Lodge at Chaa Creek – a beautiful memory that can be shared with my beloved.

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