Is there something mystical beckoning us to Belize?

Is there something mystical beckoning us to Belize? Inviting us to explore, to discover?

Do you feel the pull of your heart to read everything you can about this country before you visit? Do you wonder what it will be like?

You have never been to such a remote place. Vacations are often weeks of sleeping in the sun on Caribbean Islands. But this…this is different. This is an adventure. You have been waiting months to arrive, maybe even years. Dreaming of what Belize would be like. Would you like all the hiking and swimming, exploring and learning? Would you enjoy getting muddy, visiting caves, and being so close to nature? Would the Howler Monkeys jolt you out of your sleep with fear or excitement? You don’t know just yet, but you know that it will all be new, and you are definitely open to trying new things. You are excited by tours The Lodge at Chaa Creek offers and can’t wait to try them all.

And now you are here…here in the jungle. The beauty is overwhelming. You feel so small in such a big place. There is so much yet to be discovered. There is so much to be preserved.

In the morning mist, you strain your ears as you think you hear the whisper of your name. Are the Mayan ancestors inviting you to join them in their sacred places? You remember each step you take on the land traveled by those who have gone before you, those who revered the Jaguar, those who understood the importance of respecting and taking care of the place in which they lived.

And so you hike and you swim. You gaze in wonder and you learn. You feel blessed to partake of the food of this region. You feel blessed to encounter so many new things, meet so many new people, to see wonders of the archaeological world. You take in all that Belize offers. You realize that you may never visit this place again. Only the lucky ones return. You don’t believe that when you return home you will ever be the same again. Belize will stay with you forever.

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