I am a nature lover

“I am a nature lover, and I appreciate the diversity of life everywhere on the planet. Where I live in the New York metro area, in a suburb close to the big city, there used to be a wide variety of natural flora and fauna, but that was decades ago. [pullquote]I would like to visit a Belize rain forest for a once -in-a-lifetime opportunity.[/pullquote]

So much about this place has changed over the past few decades, with most species native to this area wiped out by encroaching population and businesses. As my area has become more and more populated, most of the plants and animals that originally populated this place are long gone. Ditto, the plant life around me is mostly limited to hybrid varieties chosen from nurseries planted into landscaping, and most of the native plants that once grew wild and free are no more.

The wipe out of natural species wasn’t sudden – first came settlers, then came farms. Eventually, the railroad was extended to give people access to the city. Soon after, developers came here and housing tracts went up. The population grew denser, and shopping malls were built, making this place more of a ‘burb than a preserve.

I would like to visit a Belize rain forest for a once -in-a-lifetime opportunity to see nature up close and learn about the lush variety of plants and animals that still live in their natural habitat before they are lost – just the way the diversity of life has been lost where I live. The diversity is greater, the colors are brighter and more exotic in Belize, with rare tropical birds and lush native flowers. The Mayans that lived in Belize long ago have left archaeological treasures that I would love to explore and learn about. A trip to Belize would be an experience I will always remember, especially if I get to see the Great Blue Hole.”

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