Ten reasons why Belize makes for Honeymoon Bliss

There are many good reasons to visit Belize, that sunny little Caribbean jewel in Central America, and having a honeymoon holiday in paradise is certainly one of them. Why honeymoon in Belize?

Here are ten good reasons:

One – Belize is in the Caribbean

I’ve been around, and I still can’t think of anywhere as beautiful, and as romantic as the Caribbean. Even Johnny Depp wouldn’t be as charming anywhere else. Pirates of the Mediterranean just doesn’t quite have it. Pirates of Bali? Not really… Pirates of Paris? Sorry…

There’s just nowhere like the Caribbean to conjure up romance and adventure, and Belize sits very much in the Heart of the Caribbean.

Two – Belize is in Central America

Now this is the cool part. Belize not only has a stunning Caribbean coastline, but is part of Central America, which makes it a quick jaunt from most US and Canadian airports and not only an easy, but very affordable destination as well. It also means that you can combine Caribbean delights with Central American treasures such as stunning pristine rainforests, the Maya Mountains, lazy jungle rivers, ancient Maya temple sites and so much more. It’s like being in two beautiful places at once.

Three – Belize has perfect weather

With the Caribbean Sea cooling this little country from the coast to the western border (only some 70 mi inland), and the huge living rainforest supplying clean fresh air, shade and the freshest oxygen on the planet, there is no argument that Belize has one of the best climates in the world. Not too hot, not too cold, just warm and breezy enough to make the perfect climate for romance. With average yearly temperatures of around 81°F (27°C) along the coast and about 69°F (21°C) in the hills of the interior and not much fluctuation between seasons, you’d be hard pressed to find a time of year that wasn’t delightful for a honeymoon.

Four – Belize is very affordable

Let’s face it – there’re other things to spend your honeymoon vacation dollars on than essentials such as travel, food and accommodation. I don’t know of any other Caribbean paradise that offers as much as Belize does at such reasonable prices.  First of all, its close proximity to the US makes travel a fraction of the cost to say, Tahiti. And then, when you get there, you’ll be delightfully surprised at how inexpensive things are to, say, Barbados. All-inclusive Belize vacations such as those offered by Chaa Creek represent real value for money, and with car hire cheap and easy, dining and entertainment very reasonable, getting out and about won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Five – There is so much to do (in addition, of course, to your Luna Miel)

When you decide to venture out into the bight sunny tropical splendour that is Belize, you’ll find no end of romantic, adventurous things to do together. Caribbean beaches – well, that’s a no-brainer, but try a lovely half day canoe trip down the tranquil (usually) Macal River, just the two of you, a hamper of cool drinks and snacks, and the camera for colourful birds such as toucans and parrots, exotic wildlife and the serene day to day life along the river. Amble hand-in-hand through some of the many beautiful ancient Maya temples and archaeological sites – just as lovers did thousands of years ago. Horseback, mountain bike ride or hike through gorgeous jungle trails, have a swim, or just relax in a hammock with a cool tropical drink in hand taking in the serene beauty around you. Boredom will be the absolute least of what few worries you could possibly have.

Six – Belize is so easy

If New Orleans is the Big Easy, nearby Belize is certainly the Little Easy. Uncomplicated, friendly and laid-back, the Jewel (as locals call it) must be one of the easiest destinations on Earth. It’s tiny size and uncrowded ambience makes getting around a breeze, and you’ll find the English speaking populace friendly, helpful and welcoming. Even the money, pegged as it is to the US dollar (which is gladly accepted everywhere) at a constant two-to-one, is simple to work out. Such a hassle free experience allows you to concentrate on the real reason for being here – each other.

Seven – Belize is friendly

There’s nothing like being around cheerful, friendly people to help the love light shine. One of Belize’s greatest attributes is her people, a multicultural mix of racial harmony and tolerance. No matter where you’re from, visitors – as long as they show the same respect and courtesy they receive – are welcome and looked after in this friendly little country. Get out and meet the people – you’ll return to your love nest with a positive glow.

Eight – Belize is the ultimate Surf and Turf Holiday

Wake up to the sounds of parrots in a vibrant rainforest, take a tour of a fascinating Maya temple, horseback ride a jungle trail, and then finish off the afternoon with a pina colada while kicking back on a beautiful Caribbean island beach after snortkelling in clear turquoise water. And all without breaking out in a sweat or breaking the bank.

Where? You guessed it… Only 180 miles long by 70 wide and encompassing everything from the misty Maya Mountains to lush rainforest, the Mountain Pine Ridge to rolling savannah, an incredible network of Maya sacred caves and remnants of temples and massive cities, Belize is without question the world’s premier surf and turf vacation land. All inclusive surf and turf vacation packages such as Chaa Creek’s Rainforest and Reef combination give you the best of two very distinct and very special worlds. From hiking boots to bathing suits you can share some amazing adventures while sharing your love.

Nine – Belize is packed with unique attractions

The Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest on the planet (often called the largest living barrier reef) is dotted with almost 200 tiny islands and is home to an amazing assortment of marine life as well as the world famous Blue Hole of Jacques Cousteau fame and offers some of the best snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, boating and kayaking in the world. Belize is also chock-a-block with ancient Maya temples, sacred caves, ceremonial sites and the remnants of huge Maya cities. And with horseback riding, canoeing, biking, birding and hiking, you have a range of healthy outdoor activities catering to the lazy and on up to the most extreme.  The ability to pick from a smorgasbord of activities and then enjoy them at your leisure is a very rare and wonderful thing and can’t help but bring couples, even those who enjoy different activities, that much closer together.

Ten – Belize is flexible – experience it your way

Something not often highlighted, but to me of huge importance, is the flexibility of a Belizean honeymoon experience and the ability to structure your time exactly as you wish.  Due to its uncrowded, laid-back nature, Belize is very accommodating and open to ideas. The last thing you want on a honeymoon vacation is to be herded about like cattle and looked at askance if you dare to stray from the options on offer. What we found to be one of the more refreshing things about a Belize holiday is the freedom – freedom to choose what you want to do, when you want to do it, and how you want to do it. Could we have dinner delivered to our room tonight? No problem. We’ll include a few flowers with that. We’d like to spend a day just driving around by ourselves instead of taking the tour. No worries, do you want us to arrange a hire car? Pack you a lunch, or make suggestions where to stop? Really, this is what it was like for us, and resulted in us having the time of our lives, not someone else’s idea of fun.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. We were already in love with each other, but falling in love together with Belize was an unexpected joy and gave us delicious memories we’ll share forever.

Guess where we’re planning on celebrating our first wedding anniversary?

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