The Perfect Balance

[pullquote]Eco-tourism is a wonderful tool in the protection of natural resources for areas in need of the business.[/pullquote]

Sometimes I am painfully aware that my mere existence as an American has a detrimental impact on our Earth.  I have resolved to do whatever I can to lessen that impact:  recycle EVERYTHING, reuse, buy local and organic, grow some of my own food, drive a hybrid, compost my food waste, etc. 

This resolution has left me being a little un-fun at times.  Just ask my family.  When trying to reduce, reuse, recycle, its difficult to plan a vacation that does not seem to go against everything you work toward every day.  Yes, I want to relax and unwind, but I still want to be eco-conscious and responsible.  The Lodge at Chaa Creek sounds like an exquisite answer to my conundrum.

This vacation would be a FUN adventure for my family that I could feel good about.  Eco-tourism is a wonderful tool in the protection of natural resources for areas in need of the business.  It provides a reason to keep diverse, natural habitats and provides, perhaps, a sense of pride for the local community.  Not only is eco-tourism good for the community being visited, I believe it enriches the traveler and makes them better ambassadors for the environment.  For instance, my children would get a chance to see firsthand why it is so important to turn off the water when they are brushing their teeth and place their old school papers in the recycle bin rather than in the trash.

They would get to experience the wonder of our world in ways they can’t in their everyday lives.  Then, they would share these experiences and, hopefully, help influence a younger generation to care for and protect the delicate natural balance.  For me, a vacation like this would be responsible as well as relaxing – a chance to recharge and indulge without throwing all my values away.  Perfect balance!

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