Report from a Very Small Visitor

Spring had arrived where I live, and I saw the first ruby-throated hummingbird of the season at my feeder.  I was close enough to see the tiny red spot on his neck.  I said, “So you’re back.  Where were you this winter?”

To my surprise the hummingbird pivoted and came close to my face.  This was unusual, because birds don’t usually come toward you, they fly away.

Then the bird spoke to me, saying, “I was in Belize this winter and I am going there from now on!”

Instead of saying, “You can talk!” I asked, “Why do you say that?”

He said, “I found a nice place to go where there was sparkly water and bright, beautiful flowers.  There were humans there, too, but I hardly noticed them as I flew around.  They sometimes came in groups, but they only looked at me through some kind of round things.  I think you do that, too!”

“Oh, you must mean binoculars.  Do you know where you were?”

“I heard people talk about Chaa Creek.  My friends say they’re the kind of people who care about birds and animals and keeping their habitat natural and safe.  And there are lots of other birds besides me.  Anyway, I like humans when they take care of me!  If you go there in the fall or winter and I’ll watch for you.  See you later!”  And off he flew.

I looked up information about Chaa Creek and I found that they have always encouraged ecotourism and they live in harmony with their environment.  I also saw they have bird watching expeditions, so when I go I’ll see all the beautiful birds, including my hummingbird buddy!

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