A Belize Vacation Vision

I had ordered a very early breakfast and heard the clatter of the trolley approaching through the trees. Fresh fruit, pastries and coffee combined with this view was the perfect start for me. This was my favorite time of day, the transition between night and day, the time when the night creatures turned the forest over to their light loving cousins.  I wandered out on to my wooden deck to take in the view. My treetop suite was built on stilts with the deck some 20 feet above the ground.
From here I really was part of the forest. Light mist hung in the trees and caught the early rays of the sun. Birds awoke from their slumbers and began their usual raucous rituals especially the Macaws and Tucans.  Not to be outdone, in the distance, began the cries of the Black Howlers, fighting over territory, mates or just happy to be alive. As usual, basking in the early sun, eying me up, was my resident Green Iguana. He just lay on the railing of my deck as if he owned the place, perhaps he did?
I constantly marvel at the planning, execution, and sheer farsightedness of Chaa Creek. It nestles almost unseen amongst the trees. Everything here blends seamlessly into the forest, it functions as one of the best eco-hotels with everything a guest could wish for but with an important difference, you become one with the rhythm of nature. The sounds and smells of the forest infuse into you creating a profound feeling of calm. Time almost stands still and city life is merely a distant memory.
Chaa Creek enhances the environment rather than corrupting it, not only taking but giving as well. The combination of adventure possibilities, staggeringly beautiful scenery, the finest food and total service is truly unique.
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