A Fun Summer Program For Kids

Hi my name is Elliea Rosita Gongora.  I am 9 Years old.  I live In Fresh Pond Burrell Boom with my mom and dad and two sisters.  I am in standard one at St. Joseph R.C. School in Belize City. My hobbies are riding my bike, swimming, playing video games and picnicking.

I want to be an Eco-Kid because I love nature.  My mom have taught me since I can remember not to throw away garbage through the car window and one time I did and she saw me and we had to go all the way back for me to pick it up.    I cried and asked her why did she do that and she said to me that it can harm animals.  From then I have never done that ever again.  When I was 6 my mom also took me canoeing and we saw garbage on the river and a bird picking at it that is when I saw for myself how it can hurt animals.  I try to teach my friends at school and most of them listen to me to throw away their garbage in the trash bin.

I love animals and birds.  I want to be a person who takes care of animals when I get older.  I don’t like to see animals hurting.  I want to help animals that are endangered.  We learnt that in class about manatees, Jaguar and Toucans.  If I can I want to help that there can be more in Belize for everyone to see.  Last night on the way home we saw a Tapir on the road! That was so neat!  So all I want is to learn more about nature and how to make it better.  I promise that I will be the best student I can and tell all my friends about my time at camp.  Thank you so much!

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