Belize As My Eco tourism Destination

Once upon a time, in far away land where trees could talk and all creatures where friends, lived Sgrunt.

His body was made of leaves and stones, and he could change shape and travel around the forest without being noticed and leaving no trace at all.

He was so well blended with the surroundings that nobody could spot him, so he had no friends, cause nobody ever got to meet him.

One day, feeling lonely, he was resting between the gravel of a river.

While he was dreaming to be colourful as the birds in the forest, something pinched him!

:-Ouch! What are you doing!

He said to a fish who was looking for food

:- Sorry! I didn’t see you, I’m hungry, there is no food were I come from.

Some colourful birds have visited our land, they sang all night, and they built hundreds of nests on our fruit tree, so the insects have escaped and the ground is covered by feathers and holes!

Sgrunt felt sorry for the fish, and decided to help him.

He followed him up to a flat area in the deep forest, and jumped out of the river to look at the chaos left by those rude birds.

He made himself flat and wide, and covered all the holes and the dirt on the ground, than he stood high and embraced the old fruit tree, and all the heavy nests on the branches disappeared in Sgrunt’s body.

:-Thank you Sgrunt!

Said happily all the trees and the animals of the forest.

In that moment Sgrunt realised that his ability to be invisible was  a fantastic gift,  he never felt alone anymore, and never went unnoticed, cause his actions where more bright than any colourful feather, he was the invisible guardian of the forest!

I would choose Chaa Creek Belize as my ecotourism destination cause I saw that it can offer me a good blend of exciting experiences in direct contact with nature, relax and beauty.

Respect for environment and the knowledge of it are important, specially when spreaded between the youth and the childrens, I loved the idea that childrens of a primary school will be involved in choosing the winner of this competition, this makes me think that who runs the place is deeply aware of it and uses marketing not just to sell, but also to educate, such a spirit deserves to be supported, and is another point of attraction.
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