Preserving History and Nature

Seeing Belize for the first time as a responsible traveler, would help me in my appreciation of what the world has to offer. As we walk through places we have never seen or been, we are able to grow in our understanding of what is happening to our environment and our world. Doing so we are able to realize the planet we live on although seemingly very large, is related by community, town, state,and country making us all connected.
I have chosen the Lodge at Chaa Creek because I am impressed by their commitment to the environment by reducing waste, re-purposing trash and saving water. In doing so they are preserving history and nature for all to discover. In this discovery, we are able to realize what it is we need to save and protect.
The Mayan temple would be a unique treasure to explore . The wonders of Belize with their rich history will help remind me of all the natural beauty that has been offered to us, if we are willing to act as caretakers.
My curiosity of the world I long to explore, would be expanded in seeing the nature of the rainforest’s with the remarkable diverse plant life hidden beneath the large trees. The call of the colorful birds butterflies and the petals of the bright flowers.
Walking through an archaeological site would be like walking through the past of a culture that created so many wonderful works of art and questions to explore. Asking me to find my own answers to what I think will happen in 2012.
Tasting new foods while interacting with the people  would truly be a wonderful introduction to a new place. I can hardly wait to breath in and feel the wonderful adventures that await me in lush beautiful Belize.
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