To A Rainforest from the Reef

I grew up in Key West Florida and spent a majority of my time snorkeling the reef.  My first drop was when I was fifteen years old and I couldn’t believe the illumination of the reef.  I remember listening to a lot of rules before my first drop.  The guide explained do not leave trash, respect the wildlife, and do not touch the coral.  Throughout my years of living in the Keys of Florida I witnessed the aftermath of these tourists visits.  The death of coral (from hands touching), the manatees, and turtles that suffered from our plastic bags or cigarette butts.

I’m a first grade teacher in West Virginia and it has been an interesting choice and changed my entire life.  In my classroom I’m able to include many of the lessons I learned growing up in Key West.  I teach reuse/recycle and I’m able to explain to the students what it means to be a traveling guest in this world.

It would be a privilege to visit another land that has taken the time to put the ecosystem before the financial gain of tourism.  I have visited home a few times since I moved up north and Key West is not like it was 21 years ago when I was fifteen years old.  Many corporations and chain restaurants moved in slowly and changed the vibe of the island and along with it they have tampered with the nature of the island.

I heard of your business and was interested due to the amount of time and effort that has been dedicated in taking care of the Belize environment.  I would love to visit Belize and learn information to bring back to my classroom of future world travelers.

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