How to Eat Healthy While Camping

How to Eat Healthy While Camping

Camping can be a great break from a stressful life to enjoy nature’s beauties and have a great outdoor adventure. Whether it originates as an annual family event or from some type of community organization program, many are enjoying the outdoor experience that nature has to offer.

While many things are important to consider when going on a camping trip such as apparel, entertainment, and other camping accessories, food should be at the top of every list, especially for those who have integrated a healthier way of eating into their nutritional lifestyle. Combining well-balanced organic meals with an outdoor atmosphere is what amenities vacation resorts like Chaa Creek in Belize offer to people who enjoy spending time in nature.

While in the area, campers can have the food that they are accustomed to eating. For example, at the Macal River Camp site, they have designed the space specifically for the outdoorsman who desires a more rustic accommodation, taking advantage and use of the natural habitat. One such natural habitat includes 33 acres of an organic farm, cultivated by a group of husbandmen, where fresh organic food is grown and provided for the resort. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the local quality of organic food from the farm near the site where they are camping.

Although preparing tasty and healthy meals while camping may seem difficult, there is an easy and nutritional way to eat while camping. A hot meal will always be more inviting opposed to a can of cold beans, meat, or some other type of canned food. With just a few items of food, a couple of pots, and some seasoning, you can make your camping trip a gourmet adventure. It is amazing what can be prepared over an open flame out among nature, in a tent, or in the back of a campervan. You can cook tasty, mouth watering and healthy dishes anywhere.

Campfire Meals

Cooking over open campfires adds to the uniqueness of cooking outdoors. Here are some quick ideas for campfire:
• Using a wok, shallow baking tray pizza, bread, thin cakes and muffins can be made over open fire.
• Dutch ovens are great for cooking stew, soup, roast, cake, quiche, tart, or baked bread over camp fires.
• Using a coffee can, marinated chicken breast, chopped potatoes, carrots and red peppers, covered with Italian dressing and placed over hot coals, cooks up a mouth watering meal.
• Take any of your favorite meats and veggies, cut into chunks and place on metal skewers. Marinate and then place on a grate over open flame and grill. Add some bread and you have a great meal combination.

Campervan Meals

Here are some ideas for meals that can be prepared in a campervan:
• Soup with noodles, and whatever veggies you want to incorporate in the dish makes for a great hot meal.
• Stir fry mixed vegetable, noodles, and soy sauce will soothe that hunger graving in minutes.
• Falafel balls and mixed vegetables create a great hot dish.
• Falafel/meatball with salsa and cheese in tortilla wrap is fulfilling and easy to prepare.
• Toast with baked Beans, ham and cheese; a mouth full of nutrition.
• Chilli, soup, or any type of meat cooked in a cast iron pot demands a second serving.

Camping is a great source for relaxing and enjoying the environment that is enriched with so many beautiful and natural elements, even so with a healthy and nutritional diet. Meal planning and food preparation for consumption should be an important part of our everyday lives. Whether at home or on a camping trip, do not allow the word “camping” to be an excuse to change your eating habits. When preparing meals use organic ingredients wherever possible, and it’s even better if you can plan a camping trip close to an organic farm such as Chaa Creek in Belize, where you can find fresh local organic food. With the right preparation of foods and accessories, you have other options rather than processed foods in a can, by choosing to eat healthier on your next camping trip.

Dunya Carter is a health educator and travel writer from Australia. Her travels are sponsored by Discovery Campervans offering great campervan hire deals. She loves to combine her love of writing, travel, and cooking into articles. She writes travel reviews and articles on topics related to travel and health for several blogs and magazines.

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