My Back Yard visits Destination Cayo

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is currently experimenting with several new media marketing initiatives which have lately received a lot of attention. The most successful being their Road Warrior program in which they partnered with MatadorU to host resident bloggers who internationally showcase various aspects of Tourism in Belize.

Another project that is well on its way and has been exceeding expectations is the My Back Yard Show. Emaun Hyde, the young and vibrant host travels to several locations in Belize featuring the many attractions and activities that are available. The project is the brainchild of KREM-TV’s Mose Hyde who brought the idea to BTB and was met with much enthusiasm and immediately received the green light. The purpose of the show is to bring light to local tourism and change the perception of many Belizeans that think there is the need to travel to another country in order to have an exciting vacation. In other words, Belize is paradise and fortunately it is our backyard, let’s start exploring.

This weekend the My Back Yard crew visited Chaa Creek to do some activities for their upcoming Destination Cayo District episode and we received a chance to film them backstage. Regrettably, since they were on a tight schedule and hadn’t imagined there was so much to do at Chaa Creek; they only toured the Butterfly Farm and Natural History Center. On a more flexible basis, we would have recommended them to have also gone horseback riding through our jungle trails, canoeing on the Macal River and taking an interpretive tour of the Rainforest Medicine trail or Maya Organic Farm. Oh well, maybe for another time.

Enjoy the exclusive footage:

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