The 2012 countdown begins at Chaa Creek

Chaa Creek will be joining the world in counting down the days to the long awaited and much debated Maya Winter Solstice of 2012 while dedicating Dec 21 2011 to a full day of Maya cultural presentations, workshops, traditional Maya feasting, and a vibrant celebration of Maya culture.

Chaa Creek proprietor and GM Lucy Fleming said the day marks the beginning of a year dedicated to promoting a better worldwide understanding of the ancient Maya civilisation and will also see the official launch a new website dedicated to furthering knowledge of the Maya culture.

“Living in the heartland of the Maya, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the rest of the world actually knows very little of this fascinating civilisation and their incredible achievements. Hollywood films such as 2012 and the explosion of internet articles has put the ancient Maya and their astronomical predictions into popular imagination, but often for all the wrong reasons.

“We want to show the world that the true facts about the ancient Maya are more exciting and profound than anything Hollywood screenwriters could come up with,” she said.

Chaa Creek will be hosting a year of events, activities, special tours, workshops and seminars to set the record straight while introducing the world to the marvels of the ancient Maya civilisation, Ms Fleming said, with the celebrations taking place on December 21 2011 kicking off a yearlong celebration of Maya civilisation, culminating in the huge Winter Solstice 2012 celebrations.

This year’s winter solstice at Chaa Creek will begin with a Maya breakfast featuring produce grown at Chaa Creek’s Maya organic Farm and that iconic Maya staple Xocoatl, the earliest form of hot chocolate made from roasted local cacao beans.

The rest of the day will feature a series of presentations including “The Great achievements of the Ancient Maya” by Mayanist Joe Awe, a book signing by Sastun author Dr Rosita Arvigo, who studied under the Maya shaman and healer Don Elijio Panti, and other presentations.  The day will also feature an extensive Maya buffet feast, hands-on workshops and the official launch of the Mesoamerica Maya website, sponsored by Chaa Creek as a resource and clearinghouse for factual information on the Maya and as a platform for discussions and forums about the Maya and 2012.

“Many people the world over have been waiting for the arrival of 2012, and for those of us here in the Maya heartland of Belize the excitement is palatable as we begin the countdown to the Maya Winter Solstice celebrations of December 21, 2012. Amidst all the excitement and conflicting theories and predictions, Chaa Creek is committed to providing a resource for those who wish to learn the real facts of the ancient Maya civilisation and understand the importance of this epochal winter solstice.

“ Of course, we also want this Maya adventure to be fun and accessible to a wide range of people, from academics and students, families, professional and amateur Mayanists to anyone who wishes to learn more about this fascinating civilisation and vibrant culture,” Ms Fleming said, adding that bookings are still available for the Chaa Creek 2012 celebrations, and that there will be events and tours held throughout 2012 with information constantly updated on the Chaa Creek website, Belize Travel Blog and the new Mesoamerica Maya site.

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