Belize Shines in BBC Travel Series

Belize tourism is off to a very good 2012, with a recent weeklong BBC Travel feature on the many attractions of Belize adding to Trip Advisor’s enthusiastic thumbs up of the country’s resorts, and this trend is expected to continue as more people discover the tiny Caribbean country, The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Lucy Fleming said.

Ms. Fleming, owner and GM of Chaa Creek, which was voted as one of Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Top 25 Hotels for 2012 for the Central American region, said the recent recognition is all the more significant in light of the worldwide interest in the Maya culture during 2012.

“With all the attention on the Heartland of Maya during 2012, it’s great to see such positive news and reviews from such internationally recognised travel experts as Trip Advisor and now the BBC and Lonely Planet. It shows that people recognise Belize not just for its position in the heartland of the Maya, but as a high quality, interesting destination in itself.

“The Belize tourism industry has grown leaps and bounds in the 30 years my husband Mick and I have been involved in it, and it’s wonderful to see these efforts paying off in worldwide recognition,” she added.

The BBC, with over 50 million viewers, is one of the world’s most highly regarded global news and entertainment services, and in conjunction with Lonely Planet, featured Belize in its travel section for the week of 30 January to 3 February. The series highlighted the country’s numerous attractions, including the many Maya temples and archaeology sites, abundant flora and fauna, Caribbean seacoast and the Belize Great Barrier Reef with its hundreds of tiny islands.

BBC introduced the series by stating, “Belize marches to its own drumbeat. Culturally and ecologically diverse, Belize offers such a dizzying array of choices for visitors that the most difficult part of your trip might be deciding what to do first,” before exploring the country under such topics as, Maya festivals for the end of time, Adventuring in Belize, Belize’s lessons in eco-tourism, Papayas and piety in Belize, Journey into the Maya underworld and Relaxing in Caye Caulker, Belize.

The Belize Tourism Board’s Director of Marketing, Yanick Dalhouse, also welcomed the news, saying the BBC series “helps to further the wonderful momentum we’re building throughout 2012.”

Ms. Fleming said that she was particularly pleased with the BBC’s emphasis on Belize’s Green credentials and growing reputation as a model for sustainable development and responsible travel.

“It was very satisfying to see that amidst the many natural and cultural attractions of Belize, the BBC and Lonely Planet took note of our efforts in sustainable tourism, as this is an area Chaa Creek has been deeply involved in for decades and something that we continue to passionately promote. It’s great to be known for having such an abundance of natural treasures, but perhaps even better to be recognised for our efforts in protecting them, ” she said.

Photo credits: BBC Travel

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