An Eco-kid at Heart

Brianni Requena (11 yrs)

As soon as I heard of this incredible getaway eco-kid summer camp, I thought, I would love to be part of it too. But what is this place and what does it mean to me? Based on what I now know, this fabulous Chaa Creek Eco Kid Camp is an all kid’s adventure filled with joy and peace and unforgettable memories along with tons of fun activities and most importantly, aiming towards the helping and preserving of our environment all together as one big family.

This camp is said to positively change kid’s feelings towards the health of our environment, an experience like never before. I would love to get a chance to experience this for myself for I know I am an Eco-kid at heart. In my life I have seen many bad things being done to harm our environment and it being treated like it has no meaning, thus I can no longer bear to look past each of them. I want to make a change; I want a better and more eco-friendly future for everyone instead of pollution and neglect.

If I was given a chance to be a part of this camp that change to start making a positive difference in my life would immediately begin to take place. I have never been to an eco-kid camp before and one like this would be just perfect. I want direction and easier ways to be of help to the world around me and learn to plant trees and recycle. I would like to officially become an eco kid because I want to learn more about helping the environment and taking care of our wildlife. Belize’s wildlife is precious and we need to protect them.  I want to learn to appreciate the environment and to see the beauty of nature through first hand experiences.

I wish to come back from such an experience and share my new knowledge and ideas with family and friends around me about “saving the earth.” The only way I can be a part of this truly amazing and life changing experience is with the help of all those people who thought of this wonderful idea and put together this amazing eco-kid summer camp. Only then I can certainly establish myself as a true Belizean eco-kid!

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