How Summer Camp Will Change My Life

By Alysha Magana ( 11 years old)

My name is Alysha Magana and I am eleven years old. I would like to join your Eco Kids Summer Camp because I would like to learn more about the environment.

This summer camp will help me because the flora and fauna of Belize live in our environment and I want to immerse myself in it. Recently in Houston, Texas I was part of an eco team that built a green house and we went around picking garbage and when we would find a plastic bottle we would put it in the recycle bin.

On your website, I notice that you list several onsite activities but it is the Rainforest Medicine Trail that has caught my attention.

When I graduate from Primary School and continue on to high school and University I want to study to become a doctor so I believe learning the different species of medicinal plants will help me in my future career.

The environment is very important in our lives because if it falls apart, we will not be able to build it back up.

Pollution breaks down our environment but people don’t realize it so they continue to pollute it. Another problem is deforestation, people cut down trees and are not conscious that trees produce oxygen for us to breathe.

The Eco Kids Camp will benefit me and many other children because it is important for us to know what to do to help the environment.

Summer is not far away so when it comes I will be ready to learn about the environment, conservation and sustainable development.

Many people think summer is just a time to relax but learning can be fun during summer time. As you can tell I really want to attend this summer camp because I know that I will learn many interesting things that I will use in my life.

I would like to thank the person who took the time to read my essay and I hope get the opportunity to be a part of this summer camp in Belize.

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