The Great 2012 Winter Solstice Celebration

By: Tom Edelman
Chaa Creek Mayan Winter Solstice Contest
My wife and I don’t travel much these days due to many of our life’s related reasons. To experience winning this contest together would put this on top of any planned event we’ve ever experienced. We’re from Upstate New York and live in the town of Webster. It is a northeast of Rochester and is surrounded on two sides by water. Unlike the names in your area ours of are of Native-American. Irondiquoit Bay is west and Lake Ontario is to the north. Just South of us the area is called The Finger Lakes region with its many fresh water lakes and tributaries. We love to be around water and have love living in these parts of the US, especially the summer months.

I have been termed Disabled with arthritis since 1995. My major work prior to that was for six years in the US Navy and twenty years in corporate life as a technician. I met my wife, also a technician, at work and we married in 1979. We have two grown children that we adopted from Korea at four months of age.

The history of the ancient people of Belize would heighten our awareness of Belize’s history. To actually see for ourselves the ways of life then vs. today could only be viewed by us as a once in a lifetime experience. To have this chance to visit a country that’s been on my bucket list’s wish list to see and for free, well that is almost too much to take.To win this celebration ceremony though from Chaa Creek would be a dream come true. We’d feel grateful forever. To be part of any group solstice would be a great event. To witness and be part of this event of its proportion at a Mayan site would be one big lifetime treasures to tell our future grand kids. For us to be invited at an exclusively paid for experience like this is truly beyond any words. Including any words I can write down to describe. Our participation in this event at the grounds of a Mayan site for the Winter Solstice can only be expressed by me as simply awesome.

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