I Couln’t Belize It

By Tanya Vierhuis

Why I want to experience the 2012 Maya Winter Solstice at Chaa Creek

9 years ago I found myself alone, raising a 7 month old little baby boy.  It was not what I had planned or expected.  So, I sat down and asked myself, what do I want for Jack and what would I want our future to look like.  I created a vision for us.  I knew that I had a special little guy and I decided that just because he only had me, he would have all the opportunities any child would have and I drew it out.

I drew a picture of the world because I wanted him to understand that he was part of a bigger place, that he should be open to different people and cultures.

I drew a picture of a tree because I wanted him to know that nature and the environment sustains us and we should protect it.

I drew a picture of a group of people holding hands, surrounded by hearts.  So that he would learn that people need each other and we should do what we can to support each other to grow, be happy and that love is the tool to making this happen.

As the years passed, I’ve used this as my guide and have made our life an adventure.  Canada is a beautiful country and we have camped all across Ontario.  I bring him to museums.  We were even able to visit the Lincoln Memorial so he can see how one person can do great things.  We went to Savannah and saw dolphins swimming in the ocean.  I bring him everywhere so he can meet and know many different types of people.

I’m limited in what I can give him, but still have been able to do so much.  About a year ago, I thought the most amazing thing we could ever do was go on an eco trip and see a tropical forest.  That’s when I came across the Chaa Creek website and facebook page.  For a year, I’ve been reading your posts, looking at the beautiful pictures and dream about how maybe, one day, we’d get to experience something this remarkable.  Then I saw your contest.  Everything that I value and want to show him comes together at Chaa Creek.  It would be incredible for us to go and see this together and for this dream to become a reality.

I’ve learned so much during my life with him.  I think one of the biggest was that sometimes life can throw you surprises, but it can always be amazing.

Thanks for letting me share my story.

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