Why We Workmans Want to Experience the 2012 Mayan Solstice Celebration in Belize

By: Linda & Tom Workman

Last year our younger daughter and son studied Mayan civilization and culture in 6th grade – building models of temples, making music and art, improving their Spanish, perfecting a hot chocolate recipe and studying the calendar. They also learned that the world might come to an end on December 21, 2012. This is of particular significance because apocalypse is a pretty terrifying concept  (having had first-hand experience with 9/11 and recently Hurricane Sandy in their lifetimes) and because their birthday is December 21st! On 12/21/12 – the end of the 13-Baktun cycle, twins Max and Caroline Workman of Cambridge, MA, USA will turn thirteen.

We’re very excited to celebrate a new era – our twins becoming teenagers and the Mayan Solstice in Belize! Participating in Chaa Chaa Creek’s festivities would be a magically memorable, lifetime learning, and fabulously fun experience (note: we are already booked for the 4-day Christmas package but would truly jump for joy if we had the chance to extend our too-short-stay experience and/or invite the kids’ 82 year old Chinese grandmother).

The twins can’t wait to climb the temples they so carefully replicated with sugar cubes, and the underworld of ATM. Big sister Anna (16) can’t wait to do the above and harvest cacao and make chocolate. Mom can’t wait to do all the above and experience chocolate in the form of a spa treatment!  And Dad can’t wait to get away from his stressful job as a big-city Emergency Medicine doctor, get back to nature, speak Spanish, and be with his family at the party of the millennium! Besides the physical beauty, and the adventure, our family mostly can’t wait to meet people who call Belize home.  Communicating and sharing experiences with people of all cultures, backgrounds, ages and generations is what makes our lives complete.

Thank you for considering our entry for this un-Belize-able opportunity! Tom, Linda (and Anna, Caroline & Max) Workman

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