Happy New Year from Chaa Creek!

Happy New Year from Chaa Creek!

Wishing you a Wonderful 2013

With all of the expectations, speculation and anticipation for 2012 finally having come to pass, all of us here at Chaa Creek are once again inviting our many friends and family members from around the world to join us in counting our blessings and renewing our energies as we look forward to a New Year.

There’s no doubt it’s been a very big year, and no less so here in Belize, the heartland of the Maya, where world attention was turned to the Maya Winter Solstice of December 21 2012, with some people actually wondering if the so called Maya prophesies were real and if the world was indeed going to end on that date.

[pullquote]With this in mind, you can understand why we are so looking forward to 2013 – it never gets stale or boring around here.[/pullquote]

Those of you who have been following our many blogs and articles knew that there never were any Maya “prophesies” and, in fact, the Winter Solstice of 2012 was celebrated here at Chaa Creek with all the respect and enthusiasm such an event – the culmination of a 5,125 year cosmic cycle – deserved. We’re happy to report it was a hugely successful celebration preceded by a week of education and immersion in Maya culture for our many guests and friends.

We think the ancient Maya would have been happy.

And before the dust had a chance to settle we were suddenly celebrating Christmas and gratefully taking the time out to enjoy quality time with our friends and ever growing family. After so much activity preparing for the Maya Winter Solstice, along with the day-to-day running of Chaa Creek and the preparation of new tours, activities and projects for 2013, it was wonderful to finally sit down around the big table and Christmas tree to count our many blessings, just as we hope all of you did.

And now onto 2013!

The new year promises to once again be full of activity and new discoveries. One of the great things about Chaa Creek is our interaction with our guests and neighbours. As a family business not beholding to a corporate headquarters or board of shareholders we get to do things on a more personal level and our guests quickly realise that we listen carefully to what they say about their experiences here. This means that new ideas are constantly popping up and that owners Mick and Lucy and their staff are on a continual journey of discovery. This makes running Chaa Creek an always fresh experience and a constant source of inspiration and enjoyment that we hope is reflected in our operations.

With this in mind, you can understand why we are so looking forward to 2013 – it never gets stale or boring around here.

And we hope and trust that all of you – our valued friends, supporters, critics, and fellow adventurers are looking forward to the coming year in the same light. Sure there will be some of the same old same old, challenges, crises and valleys. But there will also be many peaks to climb, new vistas to explore and new experiences to savour, and this is what makes it all so worth it.

So once again we ask you to join us in having a loving look backwards before turning our attention forward and moving into 2013 with optimism, hope, joy and faith in ourselves and each other.

And we sincerely wish all of you health, happiness and good fortune as we all move into this exciting new future.

Happy New Year


Feliz Año Nuevo

Mick, Lucy, Bryony and Piers Fleming, and the staff of Chaa Creek

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