Where there’s smoke…

Well, there’s often smoke…

But apparently a lot less of it these days as the US Army Southcom teamed up with Belize law enforcement agencies to create cannabis raids that would bring tears to the usually cheerful rosy-hued eyes of Creech and Chong.

The destruction of marijuana plantations and seizures of processed cannabis and seeds is reportedly up as high as 200%, thanks in no small part to support from the US Army Southcom which has provided helicopter assistance for Belizean law enforcement agencies to launch raids in remote areas.where-theres-smoke-489x360

We hesitate to call them joint operations, but what can you do?

Reports are that one operation was conducted early in the year, and it was repeated from September 25 to 28, 2013. A release form the US Embassy says that 38 Belizean personnel from the Belize Defence Force Special Assignment Group, the Belize Coast Guard SEALs, and the Belize National Police Anti-Drug Unit worked with the US Military Liaison Office and Joint Task Force – Bravo on this operation.

We’re talking the big guns here. A group of some heavy duty professionals declaring out and out war on local reefer madness.

Sort of like betting on the Dallas Cowboys to take on the Benque Viejo Vaqueros. And giving points…

And the results weren’t surprising, with the destruction of 22 marijuana fields and approximately 37,970 mature marijuana plants, with an estimated value of 12 million Belize dollars. In addition, the team also found and destroyed four pounds of marijuana seeds.

Reportedly, snack food sales across the nation plummeted and you had to go out of your way to hear Bob Marley music played anywhere. 

However, sales of Nikes,  Adidas and flour bags are booming in our neighbouring countries as new cross-country exercise programs begin….  Ah sports…

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