You don’t need to speak Norwegian

You don’t need to speak Norwegian

To let Norwegians know what you think about NCL’s plan for Harvest Caye in Southern Belize

I couldn’t help but be affected by Lucy Fleming’s open letter posted on the Belize Travel Blog regarding Norwegian Cruise Line’s plans for Harvest Caye in Southern Belize.

Like anyone who has spent time in that beautiful part of Belize, I am scared… very scared about this proposal and the haste in which something with such potentially irreparable consequences is being pushed though. This is one of the most pristine, stunningly beautiful places on earth, and I just don’t see how it can absorb what NCL is proposing.


Check out this recent report on 7 News Belize:

I don’t know about you, but I find the numbers alone to be very, very disturbing. And that’s before we even consider what could happen if something goes wrong. The Costa Concordia ( Link: disaster is back in the news this week, and got me thinking. If a cruise ship disaster of that magnitude could happen off a populated coast of Italy on a well-travelled cruise ship route in the EU, where restrictions, oversight and regulations are so tight, what about a remote area of Belize?

I literally shuddered.

So then I thought of contacting the Norwegians themselves. Not the company, but the people. And what easier way than through the media.

First of all, let me confess to being biased. I like Norwegians; some of my best friends hail from that artic wonderland and a couple stood as godparents for one of my children. I’ve spent many a happy hour with my Norskie friends, and find them to be intelligent, decent, environmentally conscious folks.

That’s why I think that many people from that progressive, ecologically minded country would be unhappy with what Norwegian Cruise Lines has planned for Harvest Caye. And that led me to write an email to The Norway Post.

It seems like other people are now doing the same, and while I’m not speaking for Chaa Creek, I think it would be a good idea if more people did the same. I can see the headlines and then stories such as “Thousands of people from a tiny Caribbean country have flooded Norway’s newspapers to express concern about danger to their pristine reef, the world’s second largest and a UNESCO World Heritage listed site….”

In media parlance, it could get traction, arouse people’s attention, and perhaps, hopefully, at least get the project slowed down enough so that some decent assessments and environmental impact studies can be carried out before this gets pushed though in such great haste.

As Ms Fleming pointed out, why the haste? Something doesn’t feel right…

Anyway, alerting the Norwegians can’t hurt, and who knows? It could become one of those “the mouse that roared” situations where peoplepower prevailed and a possible environmental catastrophe was averted. At least a pristine part of Belize would stay… pristine.

If you’re interested, the process is very easy. Just follow the link to The Norway Post below, and fill in the comments box.  Keeping your message clear, to the point and polite will have the best effect, and if we get the numbers up, this issue can’t help but get noticed.

There is so much at stake here that our children’s children would look back on us with great disappointment if we just roll over and do nothing. Let’s at least speak up and let our voices be heard!

You can contact The Norway Post at:

Rolleiv Solholm is the Chief Editor. Let’s let him know how we feel. The results could be surprising.

As Lucy pointed out, early Belizeans fought for that same reef back in 1798. Let’s not let them down in 2013.

“Shoulder to Shoulder” we can prevail again.

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