Hey Russia! Thanks for a brilliant idea!


Hey Russia! Thanks for a brilliant idea!


All these scenes from the Winter Olympics are exciting, but they’re making me feel even colder than usual. Just walking to the corner store is a combination of figure skating and skiing these days.

And then I come home to a picture of our best friends swimming in the pool at Chaa Creek and bragging about the summer-like temperatures. Photo number two shows them on horseback in tee shirts, shorts and shades… then we have tropical drinks under a thatched roof bar. Followed by a view from the bow of a canoe with green jungle all around.

It’s not fair, I tell you! Out the window, snow. On the television, snow. On my tablet, balmy weather, swimming, smiles and colourful drinks.

Well, we just checked ticket prices, looked at Chaa Creek’s all-inclusive vacation packages, and made a very quick decision. Why wait for summer vacation? My wife works from home, and I’m going to take my vacation early this year. My co-workers won’t mind; in fact they’ll be happy that someone’s there to mind the shop while they take their vacations at the usual time.

So thank you Sochi! You guys keep bundling up – we’re packing our swimsuits and warm weather clothing and heading south.

And thank you Chaa Creek for making it all so easy – we’ll be seeing you soon!

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