A Guide To Belize’s Top 5 National Parks

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  1. Mountain Pine Ridge 
  2. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Billy Barquedier National Park
  4. St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park
  5. Chiquibul
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Even with only 8,867 sq. miles to its name—more than half of which is forested—Belize has a great deal of natural treasures to protect. With some 100 plus protected areas including nature reserves and national parks.

Belize is not only a pioneer of eco-preservation, as it strives to safeguard the exotic flora and majestic fauna it has inherited, but Belize is also the eco-adventurer’s most vivid daydream. 

Whether you’re keeping it solo and adventuring at your own pace, coming to have that honeymoon you won’t ever want to end, or just dragging the spouse and kids to a completely different country to finally get everyone out of the house, Belize will provide you with a refreshing experience.

Come and witness the breathtaking sights and partake in thrilling adventure in any, or all, of these most popular and awe-inspiring national parks. 

Mountain Pine Ridge

One of the most admired and visited national parks by locals and tourists alike, the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve offers a scenery of sprawling pine trees and granite and limestone slopes that juxtaposes the thick, humid jungles far more prevalent in the country. 

If you’re up for the thrill, you’ll be convincing yourself that you weren’t raised a coward, for the entirety of the vigorous hike up to the mouth of the “Mother of all Caves”; from where (if you’d convinced yourself well enough!) you’ll descend almost 300 feet into the “Black Hole Drop”. 

Had enough thrill and anxiety? In that case, take a relaxing swim in the cool, clean, reviving waters of the Rio On Pools or Butterfly Falls.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary boasts not only the world’s first jaguar preserve, but also sites the second highest mountain in Belize, Victoria Peak, standing at 3,670 feet. 

            With an estimated 800-1000 jaguars, Belize is privileged to have one of the healthiest populations of these big cats in Central America. But Jaguars aren’t the only thing that’ll go bump in the night or stalk in the bushes.

The Cockscomb Basin is a sanctuary to a variety of wildlife including: jaguarundi, gibnut, agouti, howler monkey, coatimundi, and hundreds of species of birds.

Billy Barquedier National Park

The Billy Barquedier National Park offers many opportunities and locations for you to hike, camp, birdwatch, and swim.

            But the park’s more popular attraction is a pristine waterfall that lies at the end of a simple, 15-minute hike; its pond, a revitalizing reward at the end of your walk.

St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park

If the scenic ride to the national park alone wasn’t enough to leave you wonderstruck, the more easily accessible attraction in this segment, the St. Herman’s Cave, will have you smitten. 

Unravel the cave’s mysteries and peak a glance at its ancient Mayan past by cave tubing through its twists and turns.

Appearing like a fountain of youth amidst its backdrop of lush vegetation, you’d be forgiven for thinking a dip in the St. Herman’s Blue Hole will give you eternal life.


The Chiquibul National Park towers with a primeval allure, the forest remaining largely intact with its virgin splendour, and as a result, is prime real estate for a plethora of different flora and fauna.

Doyle’s delight, the highest point in Belize standing at 3,687 feet, is an impressive sight to behold.

img 4033

            Hidden deep in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve is an ancient Maya archaeological site; Caracol was a prominent seat of the ancient Maya, and had strong ties with neighbouring Tikal.

Visit Us!

            Well, if you’re still reading this article, and haven’t already booked that flight to this jewel of a country, what are you waiting for? Oh yes, of course, the options for reservations seem endless; and yet, standing apart from them all is one of the world’s best Eco lodges.

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Chaa Creek offers you an exceedingly unparalleled experience; thriving amidst nature’s most stunning creations, marrying the undomesticated, spontaneous allure of Mother Nature and the comforts and amenities cultivated by modern man, the fruit of that sacred matrimony is something most wildly civilized!

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