A Guide To The Perfect Summer In Belize

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  1. Venturing into the Deep Jungle 
  2. Soaking Up the Tropical Weather on Your Skin
  3. Seeking Out Our Natural Water Hotspots
  4. Reveling In Good Food and Drinks 

The cherished slice of the year where unfettered exploring coupled with golden sunshine is at hand has finally graced us with its presence. The air is getting warmer and the days are stretching out before our eyes. At the peak of this wonderful marvel is our most anticipated season yet: beloved summer. 

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For many of us, summer means a reprieve from sigh-evoking jobs, on-and-off weather, and never-ending school activities. Even just planning a getaway from the reality of life back home lights a spark in our soul. Many struggle to plan an absolute, foolproof plan for summer– but here at The Lodge at Chaa Creek, our expertise leads us to perfect the quintessential summer break. These four must-have traits are what curate a summer trip where every globetrotting family, couple, and solo traveler can enjoy.

Venturing into the Deep Jungle

How cool would it be to feel like you’re walking into a movie set? Stepping into Belize’s  Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, you’ll feel like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson trekking into the tropical forests of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. You can’t vacation in a lush idyll without exploring its embracing flora and fauna!

A day solely dedicated to traversing through 90 miles of twisty-turny trails over tumbling hills is always a must. 

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You can make it your day’s goal to explore Rio on Pools  and experience one of the most breath-taking views that exists in Belize. This is an activity that is rarely regretted, due to its rewarding vistas and surrounding creatures.

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Or, if you want to hike somewhere close to lodgings, Chaa Creek has an astounding playground that welcomes you with open arms: its reserve.

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You can also spot the beautiful Lesson’s Motmot while walking around the property! Your best bet is joining our morning bird-watching walk and catching sight of a myriad of avifauna. Just ask our amiable bird-watcher guide, he has more than enough sightings to share about!

Soaking Up the Tropical Weather on Your Skin

While summer can turn some countries into unenjoyable heat spots, here in Belize we have our year-round balmy weather that everyone can’t help but enjoy. Described by many as a type of Goldilocks weather, our climate is just right enough to take pleasure in any and all activities.

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Choose to spend the day outside seeking heart-thumping adventures or making new life-long companions, or stay inside and have some well-deserved relaxation. The world is your oyster! 

Seeking Out Our Natural Water Hotspots

The good thing is that when we do have some truly warm days, nature has graciously provided us with some back-up! It generously bestows the greatest gifts to the Cayo district’s own backyard: natural waterfalls.

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With so many to choose from, we’re sure you’ve never heard of so many cascades existing in the same area. With more than five in the Mountain Pine Ridge area alone, you won’t feel too hot before you find somewhere to dip your toes in. Big Rock Falls is always a favorite, with its cascading falls and arctic waters to plunge into. 

If you want to venture outside of the reserve, pontooning on the Vaca Lake is ideal for thrillseekers! Just a few miles upstream from Chaa Creek, you can climb aboard a pontoon for a pleasant drift, witnessing Belize’s all-encompassing natural beauty. After catching a glimpse of Spider Monkeys and green iguanas, wade in the water. What more can you need for a refreshing dip?

Reveling In Good Food and Drinks

Let’s not forget what makes a trip truly perfect–the never-before-seen meals and tropical cocktails to wow you.

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Once your trip to Belize includes at least one or a combination of these experiences, you’ll bring the best summer vacation to fruition. To make it even better, Chaa Creek offers an Early Bird Summer Special so you save on your getaway! To make any inquiries, contact us at reservations[at]chaacreek.com

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