Why Belize Is One Of The Best Places To Visit In December

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With Belize being a tropical destination that’s also tucked into Central America, its consistent year-round weather is covetable. The Massachusetts-sized country has only two seasons – wet and dry – which means there is no frigid winter to run away … Read more

5 Spooky Activities To Do In Belize For Halloween

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With the end of summer comes the much-awaited favorite fall festivity of Halloween. Belize may not celebrate the pagan holiday in the exact ways our North Americans friends do, but there are still ways Belizeans commemorate the spooky season. For … Read more

Why Visiting Belize in September is Special

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Why would you want to visit Belize in September? Like many other Caribbean nations, Belize uses any excuse to throw vivacious festivals and parades. However, the ones in September are completely warranted as this is the month the party-meter reaches … Read more

Top 6 Day Trips From San Ignacio Belize

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As the adventure capital of Belize, Western Belize is chock-full of exhilarating activities to get the heart pumping. San Ignacio is the central hub when it comes to checking each Belize experience off your bucket list. Located only a couple … Read more

A Stunning Instagram Guide to Belize’s Cayo District

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Here’s your Instagram Guide to the Cayo District – Western Belize Belize as a whole is photogenic, with astounding beauty in the form of wildlife, culture and attractions. Many can testify to the feeling of being dropped straight into a … Read more

Destination Weddings in Belize: 4 Amazing Vows With A View

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Ahh, the coveted far-off dream destination weddings in Belize. Foremost, it’s a ceremony. Sure. However, it’s also your honeymoon all in one, plus one big vacation with friends and family—flawless for travel-loving couples. If you’ve got warmth, charming venues, and … Read more

8 Things You Didn’t Know About The Maya

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Nestled between the Latin powerhouses of Guatemala and Mexico, Belize is a small, mountainous country that faces east to the Caribbean Sea. But that’s just Belize’s geography. To understand what it’s like to be on this dually Caribbean and Central … Read more

Inland Belize: 5 Unmissable Adventures

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As the beaches of the coastal Placencia and Ambergris Caye attract and fill its own troop of sun-seeking wanderers, there’s a fresh stretch of adventure that’s ripe for discovery in Inland Belize. For those of you unfamiliar with Belize, it’s … Read more

Agritourism in Belize: 4 Joys of Slowing Down Food

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Slow. Simply defined as reducing the speed or pace of a process. In today’s fast paced reality it’s a word that—just by sheer utterance—feels seductive. Slow is “permission” to stop and savor, yet we can apply that to a quick … Read more

Over 20 Stunning Photos Highlighting Belize Conservation

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Search #Belize on Instagram and you’ll find 1.8 million photos, with one common factor: Archeological reserves, national parks, marine reserves, natural monuments, and forest reserves, which all combine to be an astonishing backdrop. It doesn’t matter who said it first, … Read more

10 Amazing & Rare Birds to Scout in Western Belize

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Being just 180 miles from north to south and no more than 70 miles from east to west, Belize really is a bite-sized beauty. After all, nowhere in the country is more than a five hour drive from the international … Read more

Conscious Travel inside Belize’s Cayo District

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Only four decades ago when Belize just began dipping her toes into the tourism pond, travelers found themselves drawn to her uncommon contrasts. Saturated with charm, Belize remains just as honest as before with multicultural Central American vivacity amid fusions … Read more

Belize Treetop Resort: Romance and Nature

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After nearly a year and a half at home, especially for those that spent it closer than ever to your significant other, a tropical getaway may be the romantic reprieve we could all use – especially at a Belize Treetop … Read more

Go Wild: Explore The Best Of Belize Beach & Jungle

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Discover The Best of Both Worlds in Belize – Beach and Jungle It’s been a long 14 months—for everyone. When a global pandemic shuts everything down, a few truths pop up: life is short and there’s still so much of … Read more

3 Steps To A Romantic Belize Vacation

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There’s a lot to love in Belize. Sure, immediate thoughts of your favorite rom-coms likely includes Paris, France or even Santorini, Greece, but don’t let your imagination stop just there. And in a (post) COVID travelscape, romantic jaunts now include … Read more

Visit A Mayan Ruin In Belize: The Top 4 To Explore

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Belize can feel like all of Central America and the Caribbean in a single country. Belize’s Maya Mountain peaks and valleys, magnificent Mayan temples (and there is not a single Mayan Ruin in Belize we would suggest not to visit!), … Read more

Can Regenerative Travel Save The World?

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Can Regenerative Travel really save the world? COVID-19 has deeply impacted the industry, but perhaps this new landscape will be a force for good. As more people head towards their bucket list destinations, many are asking themselves: how can I … Read more