Our Belize Travel Guide

Enjoy Spacious Casual Luxury In A Stunning Rainforest Setting

Imagine leaving your cares and worries behind, taking a short flight, and arriving in an uncrowded, naturally beautiful land, where excellent weather, food, and warm hospitality await. You are picked […]

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Chaa Creek Offers The Healthiest, Most Carefree Way To Explore The Best Of Belize

From Pickup at Belize’s International Airport Until Being Dropped Off, You Can Relax – You’re In Belize’s Most Experienced, Trusted Hands We don’t know who it was that first referred […]

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photo of passengers disembarking an american airlines flight at belize philip goldson airport

Visiting Belize and Chaa Creek Just Keeps Getting Easier

American Airlines and Belize are sort of like Love and Marriage, Macaroni and Cheese, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Romeo and Juliet… you get the idea. So it’s easy to understand […]

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eco kids summer camp 2019 day 3 mayanist miguel choco

How You Can Help Bring Back Sustainable Travel

And Support Local Communities At The Same Time Belize’s Chaa Creek earned a worldwide reputation for sustainable tourism over the years, along with a wall full of awards from National […]

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How “Safe Travels” Is More Than Just A Saying Right Now

That age-old goodbye has a fresh meaning these days We’d like to share some thoughts expressed in a recent Travel+Leisure article that caught our attention.  Let’s face it - any article […]

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belize travel restrictions eased photo header

Good News – Travel Restrictions Are Further Eased In Belize

Chaa Creek visitors can enjoy a great Belize vacation as well as comforting peace of mind More good news for Belize tourism was recently announced during  a government virtual press […]

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Thanksgiving in Belize: The Perfect Time And Place To Give Thanks

Those of you who are familiar with Chaa Creek know what a big deal Thanksgiving is here. And those of you who haven’t yet visited us may be surprised at […]

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6 Reasons Why My Family Is About To Have A Belize Vacation At Chaa Creek

We’ve been checking the news, and I waited for a certain item to appear before I broke it to my family: “We’re going back to Belize!” Which was quickly followed […]

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