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The Cicada - A Symbol of Rebirth

Peter Lourie, in his book “The Mystery of the Maya: Uncovering the lost city of Palenque” mentions these creatures as well. “Hearing the roar of howlers and the whine of cicadas in the long, hot jungle afternoons in...

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Maya Masks and the Dance of the Deer

Maya ceremonial masks are used with costumes at important events such as weddings to portray religious beliefs and historical events in Maya life. Some of the dances performed include: the monkey dance, torro dance, moors...

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The Stemadenia Donnel Smithi - A Magnetic Force Deep Within the Jungles of Belize

Stemadenia Donnel Smithi - A Magnetic Force Deep Within the Jungles of Belize The Stemadenia donnel smithi, has a magnetic draw. Not only does the sweet nectar of its large yellow flowers attract butterflies, moths,...

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Belize's Oregano - An Amazing Medicinal Herb

Today’s Belize Photo of the Day is the Oregano which is scientifically known as Coleus aromaticus benth.This Eurasian herb is a member of the mint family and has a peppery flavor with a mild hint of sage and...

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Belize, The Bachelor, and Love

The growth of romantic vacations as a uniquely Belizean attraction has been highlighted again this week with the airing of The Bachelor reality TV show, and this is a welcome trend for Adventure Romance specialists such as...

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The White-Collared Manakin- An Amazing Dancing Bird

Today's Belize Photo of the Day is the White-Collared Manakin which is scientifically known as Manacus candei.These compact forest birds are short-tailed, big-headed and quite tiny measuring a mere 11 cm in length and...

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The Chaa Creek Chultun is another indication of Maya existence at Chaa Creek Nature Reserve

Today’s Belize Photo of the Day is the Chaa Creek Chultun.A Chultun is a subterranean chamber carved out of soft limestone bedrock with a narrow cylindrical opening that are vastly found in Central America primarily...

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The Soursop Fruit- Possible Counteragent Against Cancer

Today’s Belize Photo of the Day is the Soursop and is scientifically known as Annona muricata. It is a native species to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Northern South America, and is recognized as Guanabana in...

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