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Belize For Family Vacation: What You Should Know (In 2022)

The ABC’s of Family Travel in BelizeWhile the memories and photos of a family vacation are worth every minute of the trip, the stress of planning a trip to Belize with kids can’t be ignored. Reuniting after more...

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Reawaken Your 6 Senses Through Travel

Reawaken your six senses with dazzling moments that are steeped in local life and culture. Whatever the reason for your travel, the key to getting the most from it is to immerse yourself in the experience with all six of...

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Chaa Creek Has Five Good Reasons To Go Slow This Summer

The two hottest travel topics for 2021 are the regenerative travel and slow travel movements.We discussed Regenerative Travel in a previous blog, and now let’s talk about how it can combine with slow travel to offer a...

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6 Reasons Why My Family Is Going To Belize This Summer

As winter begins easing its icy grip, and travel starts to open up again, a family’s thoughts turn to… summer vacations!After the constraints of last year, we’re looking forward to treating the family to a real...

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Enjoy Spacious Casual Luxury In A Stunning Rainforest Setting

Imagine leaving your cares and worries behind, taking a short flight, and arriving in an uncrowded, naturally beautiful land, where excellent weather, food, and warm hospitality await.You are picked up in a freshly...

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Thanksgiving in Belize: The Perfect Time And Place To Give Thanks

Those of you who are familiar with Chaa Creek know what a big deal Thanksgiving is here.And those of you who haven’t yet visited us may be surprised at how enthusiastically Thanksgiving is celebrated in...

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6 Reasons Why My Family Is About To Have A Belize Vacation At Chaa Creek

We’ve been checking the news, and I waited for a certain item to appear before I broke it to my family:“We’re going back to Belize!”Which was quickly followed by a chorus of various forms of ...

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Chaa Creek Celebrates Belize’s Reopening With Two Special Holiday Vacation Packages

Hooray!It’s been a long and winding road, but Belize is on course to have the Philip Goldson International Airport reopen for overseas visitors on the first of October, 2020.And here at Chaa Creek we’re...

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Belize and Chaa Creek’s New Health and Safety Measures Make For Carefree, Relaxing, and Rewarding Vacations

With Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport set to reopen on the first of October, 2020, Chaa Creek’s health and safety officer said staff members have been working diligently to make sure that Belize’s first...

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Birding in Belize: Chaa Creek’s Cure For The Blues #3

Birding in BelizeAs promised, we return this week with another Rx for the blues, boredom, and the indoor-itus many of us have endured these last few months.Cure number three is another one of our favorite activities...

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