Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#25

The call from my sister a couple of year ago, went something like this.  She wanted to know if she could take my son, Jett on vacation to Virginia with her.  Now how is a tired hard working single mom of a 9 year old supposed to respond to that question? After doing back flips down the isle and quickly checking Travelocity I picked up the phone to make sure she hadn’t hung up, but she was on to me.  “I know you’ve been checking flights to Belize”, she said accusingly.  Now don’t get me wrong or call social services on me.  I love my son dearly, but boy did I need a vacation.  You see, this was not my first trip to Belize. 

My first time was to San Pedro with a group of girlfriends about 10 years ago.  I found that while I loved Belize, I don’t like traveling with a group of people.  The second time, several years later, I traveled with my best friend. This is when I discovered that I loved the mainland for all it had to offer.  How wonderful and all I kept saying was “Jett would love this, I must bring him here for the birding, cave exploring and fauna” which he loves.  Which leads me to that 3rd unexpected opportunity I spoke about above.  I had a great time, but guess what?  Boy, did I miss my son.  I know, I know…I did back flips down the isle.

You see all around me reminded me of him for he is truly a “nature boy”.  From the hummingbirds, which are rare in my area, and other beautiful birds to the butterflies, to the bugs…oh the bugs…you see my son LOVES to catch bugs (he has a bug chart on his wall), to the plants and fauna.  We both love plants (orchids specifically), and now my son has jumped on the “green” bandwagon, planting a garden of vegetables.  So you see, I cannot take another vacation to Belize without him and Chaa Creek would be perfect.  Whether we’re in the “bunkhouse”, which I think he would prefer, or something more lavish, Chaa Creek offers everything that would amaze my now 12 year old son.  The butterfly farm and the Panti Trail would excite him the most and I know he would bend the ear off the most seasoned guide with his 101 questions and his own knowledge of plants, bugs and birds.  He builds birds nests and can spot a nest a mile away.  Now you know a little bit about me and my son.  Happy trails to you.

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