Weather in Belize in June

June in Belize

The weather in June is characterized by temperatures nearing their peak for the year. These temperatures are rarely unbearable or uncomfortably hot as they are moderated by strong easterly breezes off the coast. Rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the country with frequent afternoon showers that are relatively short-lived with plenty of sunshine close behind.

Typical Weather in June

During June, the temperatures in Belize vary between a daily high of about 87.0 degrees and a daily low of approximately 79.0 degrees.

On any given day, you can expect early morning temperatures to be around 78.2 degrees. Temperatures rise during the day, to an average of 85.5 degrees in the early afternoon. The temperature will typically decline by early evening, to approximately 82.4 degrees. In general, temperatures in Belize during June average around 82.1 degrees.


Rain is most likely to occur around 12:00 noon during the month of June, and it is least likely to occur around 9:00 PM. To the extent thunderstorms occur in Belize during June, they are most likely to occur around 12:00 noon.

Source: Belize Guide

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