Why I would like to vacation in Belize and the Lodge at Chaa Creek

I have always believed in the concept of learning by living so the fundamental premise behind your vacations is one with which I am very familiar. I truly believe that immersing yourself in the opportunities that surround us every day is the best education we can receive. I strive to ensure that my children and I learn something new every day and put forth the extra effort necessary to provide real-life educational experiences. My daughter is the end product of a lifetime of experiential learning and the success and effectiveness of this approach shows in her every word and action.

The Belize vacation specifically excites me. My 8-year old daughter and I are already strong environmental advocates and believe in giving back to our global community. Immersing ourselves in the Belize Eco-Tours while gaining a better understanding of the efforts that are being made to protect the ecology of this wonderful region would be an awe-inspiring, educational, and beneficial activity for both of us. In addition, the experiences included with the trip would enable us to return to our region armed with information and knowledge to present to my daughter’s school, our community action groups, and many individuals throughout our home region.

The opportunity to share in the beauty that exists in Belize while learning how to interact with the natural beauty of the resort would be an educational opportunity of a lifetime. I would like to win this vacation package so that I can expand the understanding that both my daughter and I share so that we may take better steps to help protect the ecology of our own county AND other countries. Your Eco-Tours appear to provide all of the information we would need to return to our region and expand the understanding of others. Yes, I would like to win this vacation because we get all of this AND the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the beauty that is Belize!

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