Vacation Sweepstakes That Gives People a Chance to Earn a Spot at a Wonderful Eco-lodge.

Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#32

I think it’s amazing that Chaa Creek offers a sweepstakes that gives people a chance to earn a spot at a wonderful eco-lodge. I’ve been reading through my guidebooks about Belize (and Guatemala) for a few months now while planning a trip for August 2011.Yes, I’ve been tagged with TP-OCD (TP = travel planning) by my close friends and family, but I also see a glimpse of awe after each trip as they revel in my stories while oohing and ahhing over my photographs. I have a passion for travel. Period.

I’m a simple traveler though and by that I mean I don’t need a lot of luxury and pampering. Leaving a small footprint behind while experiencing another land’s people, culture and earth is the objective for me more than what type of amenities a hotel has. That said I commend Chaa Creek on developing a lodge that caters to so many types of people and their varying travel styles. I think the eco-friendly yet posh surroundings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the reasons for why it’s listed as one of the top lodges in guidebooks and travel forums.

The camp, offering a more rustic experience, seems the perfect option for those who either travel on a budget or simply want a low key friendly atmosphere. To be able to share wonderful meals while making new friends around the camp casitas and still have access to the same trails, pool, facilities and expert guides as the rest of the lodge is a very unique and well thought out plan.

The cottages, seemingly a bit more upscale and slightly more comfy, appear to offer nice private bungalows for singles, families and couples alike who want a little more privacy plus the bonus of indoor plumbing. Even better, Chaa Creek is so close to nature and wildlife that you don’t have to leave the main grounds, but it’s also within arm’s reach (almost) to so many things Belize has to offer from cave-exploring and tubing to Mayan ruins. And without too much trouble world class snorkeling and diving. Something for everyone!

So why would I like to take my vacation at Chaa Creek? Well, if you have to ask then you must not have read the first 3 paragraphs! My problem, although not really a problem, would be how to fit in everything I want to see and do in the time that I have. The medicinal trail, creatures of the night, Mountain Pine Ridge, ATM, morning birding, horseback, Tikal overnight, natural history center, butterfly farm, canoe, biking are just a few of the things on my must do list! Uh-oh, I might have to make a 2nd trip, or 3rd.

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