Why I would want to vacation in Belize and at The Lodge at Chaa Creek

Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#25
I have just started benefiting from Maya Abdominal Massage that began in Belize with the ancient Mayan Culture. I have been taking herbs collected from the rainforests of Belize before they are destroyed and have seen amazing and magical results.  Rosita Arvigo holds workshops at The Lodge at Chaa Creek and I would love to visit there one day and take one of her courses.  The herbs that I have been taking have helped me so much and I would love to see where they come from and start cultivating my own  sacred herbs indigenous to the place where I live. I am currently taking Hibiscus Flowers, Oregano, Rosemary, China Root, Wild Yam , Bill Webb Bark, Cockspur Bark, and John Charles all salvaged from the rainforest in Belize.  It would be an amazing opportunity for me to thank the land on which they grew.
My husband and I have been interested in plants and herbs for physical and spiritual healing for ten years now and have never had the honor of visiting some of the sacred places that yield them.  Walking the Belize Rainforest Medicinal Trail would be a dream come true for us.  We are also avid animal lovers and it would be amazing to see some of the wildlife of Belize. We have never had the honor of visiting a rainforest and seeing all the magical creatures that reside in it.

I am also enamored with the idea of visiting the Lodge at Chaa Creek because it is an eco lodge.  I know that it is not included in the vacation package but if we were to win the sweepstakes, we would love to find the time to visit the farm as well.  Ancient Mayan culture and organic farming are two of my favorite things and I would love to share the knowledge that I would potentially gain from the experience with all of my farmer friends back home.  We are deeply entrenched in the organic farming community where we live.  We are also passionate daily cacao consumers  (who isn’t passionate about chocolate?) but I have never seen a cacao tree in person.

The idea of visiting some of the world’s most beautiful places where lots of tourists go every year and leaving a huge carbon footprint does not appeal to me so it is rare that we go on vacation because there are so few true eco-lodges. It would be the experience of a lifetime to be able to visit Belize and The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

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