Belize’s Chaa Creek declares February “Month of Love”

While many countries honour St Valentine’s Day, the patron of lovers will get an entire month in Belize when The Lodge at Chaa Creek celebrates February as St Valentines Month.

[pullquote]A day just seems too short when we’re talking about love[/pullquote]

“A day just seems too short when we’re talking about love,” Chaa Creek Events Coordinator Denise Duran said, “We decided to make the entire month of February special to give more people a chance to experience true romance in the Heartland of the Maya.”

She said that Belize’s beautiful rainforests, warm clear Caribbean waters, white sand beaches, imposing Maya temples and a riot of tropical colours provide the perfect backdrop for lovers of all ages to celebrate their love.

“We’ve put Cupid and Ix Chel, the Maya love goddess together to create a unique, romantic experience that could only happen in Belize,” she said.

Ms Duran suggests that rather than just buying flowers, lovers immerse themselves in Chaa Creek’s stunning tropical gardens and vibrant rainforest for a romantic interlude of a lifetime. Intimate tours to ancient Maya temples and cities will provide unforgettable romantic adventures, as will exploring, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing or just relaxing in jungle serenity. ”Picture a candlelit dinner on your private veranda or lounging in your own Jacuzzi with the big starry night sky above and the trees lit up with fireflies … now that’s magic,” Ms Duran said.

She anticipates that champagne breakfasts with fresh tropical fruits followed by a couple’s massage in the hilltop will also be popular.

Chaa Creek will be offering a variety of specials and surprises for lovers throughout February, including the indulgence of the Chocolatissimo package which offers themed spa treatments such as a rich Cocoa Massage and delicious Chocolate Fondue Wrap. Luxurious accommodations, candlelight dinners, hearty breakfasts, and Maya cocoa-inspired cocktails and desserts are all part of the package, and a variety of onsite activities including Maya temple visits, nature walks, biking through cacao groves and romantic sunset canoe trips are included.

The Maya Rainforest Wellness Retreat is also being offered to couples who wish to combine health with romance, with a special emphasis on the Moon Goddess Ix Chel and nurturing experiences designed to enhance those feelings of love. The Maya have always had a holistic approach to physical and mental health, and this minimum four to seven night package combines tranquil, serene accommodations with organic food, jungle spa treatments, Maya massage and nature experiences designed to bond lives and souls together in a rich, romantic adventure.

“Valentine’s Month in Belize is one of those experiences of a lifetime that we hope will lead to a lifetime of love. The atmosphere around here will be amazing,” Ms Duran said.

For more information about the Lodge at Chaa Creek, contact the property at 877-709-8708, reservations(at)chaacreek(dot)com or visit the web site at

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