Belize best honeymoon spot? Just ask Reese Witherspoon

Over the last two months BBC Travel with Lonely Planet placed Belize (along with the Seychelles Islands) at the top of “The five best getaways for a royal honeymoon” for Prince William and Kate, USA Today reported that Belize is “coming on strong” as a top international honeymoon spot, and this week we noticed another happy couple arriving here to celebrate their honeymoon.

Congratulations Reese Witherspoon and new hubby Jim Toth!

Yes, Reese, Jim and Reese’s two children, Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7 joined the many happy newlyweds who are choosing to celebrate their love in that most romantic of all get-aways – the Caribbean and rainforest heaven of Belize.

Chaa Creek general manager Lucy Fleming said that she’s not surprised.

“If you were a talented A list actress who travels the world and has sophisticated tastes, where else would you go for that most special celebration? Especially having just finished a new film, I’m sure Reese was looking for someplace uncrowded and beautiful where she could just let her hair down and immerse herself in nature while sharing something exceptional with her family and new husband. To me, Belize is the obvious choice,” Ms Fleming said.

Last week international media picked up and ran an article on the top ten reasons to honeymoon in Belize, posted on Chaa Creek’s Belize Travel Blog. Among the ten most popular reasons why honeymooners pick Belize were location, weather, affordability, ease, the many things to do, the uncrowded, friendly atmosphere, flexibility and the world’s best surf and turf options. The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s commitment to sustainable, green tourism was also emphasised.

And now this week Reese Witherspoon is in the media enjoying a Belize honeymoon before going on the road to promote her new film, Water for Elephants.

According to People magazine, “Reese Witherspoon deserves some rest and relaxation – and she’s getting it with new husband Jim Toth in Belize, where the couple were seen this week on their honeymoon.

“Witherspoon has finally gotten some down time to celebrate her new life with her new hubby. The couple – along with Witherspoon’s two children, Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7 – were spotted ‘acting like regular tourists,’ in Belize, according to a source.

“The actress was wearing a straw hat, white T-shirt and jeans, while walking around with the family, the source adds”.

Ms Fleming said that the People article points out some of the reasons Belize is tops for a honeymoon. “It’s the ultimate place to relax, it’s family friendly, even for kids, you can get away from the hustle and bustle, and T-shirts and jeans are the fashion, even for the glamorous.

“We’re not suggesting that Ms Witherspoon reads the Belize Travel Blog, but if she did, she’d know about all of the other great attractions and deals going on, so will no doubt be back. In the meantime, we wish her all the best with Water for Elephants,” Ms Fleming said.

Photo Source: The UK’s Daily Mail

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