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Daydreaming of Majestic Lands

16 June 2011 No Comment

I see you in the morning, dew sparkling from your leaves; I feel your warmth embrace me as I run beneath your trees. It is you that brings my soul to life when I climb your mighty peaks; Your innocence consumes me as I hear your bubbling creeks. It’s raining in the afternoon, droplets land upon my face; The slower pace it brings, reminds me life’s a journey, not a race.

So I lay upon your soft green grass and stare into the blue; Daydreaming of majestic lands and how each spring they grow anew. Your generosity is noted as I dress and eat each day, For all I ever needed you have gladly sent my way. I need not ask for extra towels, rare corals or fancy gems, Those are yours to keep, so I may visit them again. The evening brings me solace as I watch your sunset gleam; I ponder ways to renew your hills and protect your flowing streams.

I sit beside your ocean blue, minnows tickling at my feet; The waves lap up against me and my heart still skips a beat. As I journey through your land, and swim across your distant seas; I remember to always thank you, for you too are a friend in need. Your endless gifts of life and beauty, mankind may never fully repay; But I promise to do my part to save you, each and every day. Although your resources are many, they are not mine to plunder; Being mindful of my use preserves your beauty and your wonder.

I have a simple mantra: that which I take I will give back; So that this perfect planet we have may always remain in tact. We often visit for a moment, I try to be so thoughtful and so kind; for pictures I’ll take with me, and only footprints I’ll leave behind.

Photo credit:http://mymarriageworks.org

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