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Get Back to Nature and Breathe

18 June 2011 No Comment

Imagine everything green, rolling hills and open meadows with animals grazing in the distance… away from the sounds of engines and horns.

Nature, calmness…pristine clean air…you could breathe freely. Seems like there is an endless supply of oxygen…your lungs are filling up with fresh air, where you can still feel and hear the sound of the rustling wind.

At the dinner table your vegetables are homegrown. The fruits are freshly picked from earlier in the day and the bread wholesome and hearty. Every meal served is unassuming and soulful.

As you walk into your room, you feel uncluttered and refreshing. Nothing fancy just friendly, chemical and fragrance free.

Wonder where that is?

However, you have been vacationing and feeling stuffed in places that have harsh chemicals. Harsh cleaning chemicals are used on tables and chairs in restaurants, restrooms and hotel rooms.

Ever felt suffocated and congested in hotel rooms? You are experiencing nights during your vacation where you tossed and turned because of the lack of oxygen or fresh air in the room?  When you are supposed to be relaxing and sleeping…you are actually developing a migraine because of the lack of sleep and comfort.

Your meals wear you down. You can’t seem to put a finger at what causes you to feel that way after every meal. Is it the greasy food or the artificial ingredients that were added to the cooked food? What happened to the old-fashioned goodness home cooked meals that they advertised?

You are not the only one. What if there is a place which is unspoiled, all-natural as nature intended. Chaa Creek was awarded Belize’s Hotel of the Year for 2010-2011. Chaa Creek is an eco resort that still believes in all things natural yet having a touch of luxury.

It is a place where you can still go on a medicinal trail and find a natural cure to headache and heartburn.

Need a change of pace or need to get away from all things artificial? Could an untainted place renew our mind, body and soul? Think about that!

This article was written by Claudia Looi. Claudia is a freelance writer, copywriter and a work at home mom. You can follow her on twitter at uncommongen or visit her website ww.uncommongeneration.com

Photo credit: http://donado.deviantart.com

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