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Something Special

15 June 2011 No Comment

Chaa Creek, in beautiful Belize, what an amazing location.

Animals, plants and activities galore- all things to experience in another nation.

How amazing it would be to experience nature in such an outstanding form.

Experiencing this luxury would definitely be out of the norm.

The environment is so precious to people all around the world,

Hopefully more companies will see the amount of carbon emissions produced and their views will be unfurled.

Travelling ecologically friendly makes a huge impact on people in many ways,

I wish people would see how great eco-friendly travel really is-saving people from harmful U.V. rays.

I just recently took an AP Environmental course,

It opened my eyes to harm that people cause to the globe at such a powerful force.

If companies would pay as much attention to the ecosystem as Chaa Creek does, it would be a great help to the Earth.

Learning the harm of carbon emissions, pollution, global warming and lack of biodiversity has unlimited worth.

Saving the habitats and lives of the Belizean creatures

What a priceless act that is-an amazing feature.

I admire Chaa Creek and their desire to help the environment, it’s worth so much,

Getting to travel there and experience it first hand would be an amazing touch.

Environmentalists were put on the Earth for a reason.

It would be life changing to experience responsible travel in a beautiful season.

If only all resorts were as conscious as Cha Creek…

Green, responsible and fun travel is something I seek.

I hope if I travel there I can experience new things,

I would love bird watching and admiring God’s creature as it sings.

Also zip-lining, tubing, seeing Mayan sites or sacred caves, just to name a few.

I would even greatly enjoy the Belize Zoo.

I would love to travel and see this exotic place.

I hope human life will soon come to see how great this Earth is and embrace…

Ecological diversity is so important for humans and wildlife.

If I go on this trip it would be the best time of my life!

Photo credit: http://www.anth.ucsb.edu

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