Take One Step Toward A Greener Life

In the evolving modern world, travel is no longer considered a luxury because it is now affordable to many people. Because there are more people traveling, it is necessary to travel responsibly so that we do not damage our ecosystem or the communities in which we visit.

Responsible travel means several things to me. It means having respect for the culture I am visiting by trying to blend in and not going against what is considered acceptable behavior. Knowing the laws of the country you are visiting before you travel is very important. We should all make a habit to not only travel responsibly, but to hold ourselves accountable in our daily lives.

Keep in mind that food and water is not a never-ending resource. We should use water sparingly and never leave taps running, especially when visiting regions that have very limited resources. We should all use soaps and detergents that are biodegradable and does not cause a hazard to our environment. We should never litter at any time- bottles and cans can severely injure or kill the animals in our environment besides the fact that it looks terrible.

By respecting nature and animals, we respect ourselves. We are just another species in a world full of the living, except we should have the capacity to make better decisions regarding our environment. Sadly, the decisions many are making are damaging our ecosystem. The further we harm our natural ecosystem, the more harm we our doing to the human race. Nature not only holds the key to keeping our world in balance ecologically, but it also provides balance to our lives by promoting wellness and cures to our ailments. Responsible travel and responsible living in general cannot be stressed enough!

It would be a dream to have a chance to visit Chaa creek in San Ignacio, and to see the beautiful natural wonders that it beholds on all 365 acres, and eat the organic foods that are harvested on site. I have so much respect for organizations such as Chaa Creek that work to preserve the ecosystem and thus, human well being.

Another part of traveling responsibly is to spend money and support the local businesses instead of using the giant companies who only care about capitalizing and could care less the impact they have on the world. It might cost a little extra to support these small companies such as Chaa Creek, but in the long run our world will profit so much more. I have also always dreamt of seeing the Mayan ruins and learning more about the mystic civilization.

Hopefully one day I will be able to get the opportunity to see what I am missing. I’m sure there I would experience more love for mother nature than I have ever imagined. Thank you for your contribution to this world!
Photo credit:http://www.ecologistnews.com
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