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Welcome to Belize’s Big Birthday Bash

9 August 2012 3 Comments

The little Caribbean country of Belize is celebrating two big birthdays next month, and the Lodge at Chaa Creek is inviting friends and families from around the world to come join the party, Chaa Creek Marketing Administrator Larry Waight said today.

September 21 is Belize Independence Day, a big deal in this nation that is one of the world’s newest additions to the UN, having achieved independence from Great Britain on that date in 1981. September of 1981 also saw The Lodge at Chaa Creek officially make the move from small family farm to become Belize’s first eco-resort, ushering a new age of sustainable tourism for the region.

September also holds another national holiday, Saint George’s Caye Day, which commemorates the battle in which English settlers and their slaves defeated a superior Spanish invasion force to put what would become the colony of British Honduras on the path to statehood as Belize.

Mr Waight said independence is still fresh in most Belizean’s minds and is celebrated enthusiastically throughout the country.

“Imagine Americans celebrating the Fourth of July 31 years after they achieved independence, and you get the idea,” he said, “It’s still very fresh in everyone’s minds and means so much to all of us.

“Combine that with the anniversary of the battle of Saint George’s Caye, and then our own month-long birthday bash here at Chaa Creek, and you have a pretty heady, vibrant September to look forward to,” he said, adding that, “And we’re inviting the whole world to join the party.”

Mick and Lucy Fleming first came to Belize in the 1970s when it was so far off the beaten track as to be virtually unknown. Little did they imagine that the small farm they resurrected on the banks of the quiet Macal River would become one of Belize’s biggest and most well respected eco-resorts.

And when Belize achieved independence the same year, few people would predict that eco-tourismwould replace agriculture as the main income earner in the little English speaking country with theworld’s second largest barrier reef and a long and proud Maya heritage.

This year’s theme for the celebrations “Many faces, many dreams, but one goal – celebrating Belize” sums up both the country and its most recognised eco resort, Mr Waight said. “We’re probably the most multicultural place on the planet, but we’re all distinctly, proudly Belizean,” he said.

Mr Waight also pointed out similarities to the United States in that both achieved independence from England and enjoy close ties with the mother country. “Most Belizeans share a great fondness for the Royal Family and as Prince Harry’s visit to Chaa Creek earlier this year showed, we share a mutual respect and even admiration. We look forward to Queen Elizabeth II’s annual expression of goodwill and to more royal visits. Prince Harry said he enjoyed himself immensely here, and hopefully he’ll encourage Prince William and Kate to visit in the not too distant future,” he said.

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