A New Rum From Belize!

Something else to do with all that sugar we make….

Belize-Rum-Liquor-PartyBelizean rums may not be world famous, but the fans are legion and widespread. Just the other day an email between and Australian and New Mexican were extolling the virtues of one of Belize’s most well-known rums.

And now there’s a new one entering the market.

Tiburon, Spanish for shark, is the result of a partnership between Basil DeStefano and Travellers Liquors, producers of the aforementioned drop.

According to the makers, The rum is aged and blended in a “variety of barrels,” then given a second go in Kentucky oak bourbon barrels.

The final product is a blend of four, six and eight-year-old small-batch rums, with the goal of producing about 12,000 bottles a year.

We haven’t had a taste so far, but the makers say Tiburon has a golden amber colour and an aroma of vanilla and caramel.

So, even though we’ve yet to sample it, we’ll offer up a recipe for a drink we call the “Great White” in keeping with the shark theme:

Two parts Tiburon

One part Malibu Rum

One part white rum

Mix of coconut milk and cow’s milk

Add the grog, stir, (unless you’re serving it to James Bond, then shake it and watch the look on his face) Fill tall glass with ice, equal parts milk and coconut milk or coconut cream and stir again.

Garnish with a sprig of mint if you have one. And then stay out of the water for a while.

Watch out! It’ll bite you!

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