Belize – Red Hot for Preppers

Belize – Red Hot for Preppers


People come to Belize for many reasons – the vast misty rainforests that bring you back to nature in time immemorial, the temples, cities and other remnants of the ancient Maya civilisation dotting the country, the Belize Great Barrier Reef, the world’s second largest after Australia’s, dotted with hundreds of tiny islands and offering the  best scuba diving to be had anywhere, the incredible fly fishing on almost untouched permit and tarpon flats, and the warm friendly people are just a few.

And now there’s a new class of devotees – that segment of society now known as “Preppers” or survivalists.

It’s a growing segment, getting large enough that there’s now a popular television show on the National Geographic Channel called “Doomsday Preppers” which features such people and their plans for dealing with large scale catastrophe.

Now, before you start getting creeped-out with visions conjured up by Hollywood or the media, Preppers are for the most part people just like you and me, but who  want a Plan B in case things go… well, you know, wrong. Since the ongoing tsunami drama of Japan’s  Fukushima nuclear power plant  crisis, more and more people are identifying themselves as Preppers, even if it’s just having boxes of tinned food tucked away.

We’ve met a few Preppers in our time, and while some may be a tad, umm, zealous, most we’ve met have been perfectly sane. They just have a plan and work towards being able to act. Other just include it as part of their retirement plans. Build now and be ready, they say.

If, for any reason, things stop working in large population areas, Preppers want to be able to get out of Dodge in a hurry and retreat to an uncrowded place where they can grow food, have clean air, and just hunker down until things get better.

And that’s the biggest segment we see, those who reckon they’ll retire someplace someday anyway, and why not have it be someplace warm, affordable and beautiful where they speak the same language? By starting now, they’ll be ready when it’s time to retire, and in the meantime have their escape shelter in place. Just in case…

More and more Belize is popping up on retirement and  prepper blog sites. And no wonder. Close to the USA and Canada, English speaking with low population density and an abundance of affordable land, self-sufficient, easy to grow food and with plenty of clean water and fresh air, Belize is high on many people’s wish list.

Chaa Creek’s marketing administrator Roberto Harrison agrees that there has been an increase in the number of people coming to Belize to check it out for a variety of reasons, and said that the Lodge at Chaa Creek has been happy to accommodate them.

“Chaa Creek was Belize’s first true eco resort, and has been helping visitors discover Belize for over thirty years,” he said. “We’ve had countless people use Chaa Creek as a home base while travelling the rest of the country to check out different locations, and we’re familiar with all the legal requirements for everything from immigration to weddings to just about anything people wish to know.

“The owners, Mick and Lucy Fleming have been here since the 1970s and have a network of friends and colleagues all over the country, so they can point people in the right direction and make sure they have the right answers to their questions. If it has anything to do with Belize, they’ll know about it, or know someone who does,” he said.

Mr Harrison recommended that people who are considering moving to Belize use Chaa Creek as their base for fact-finding Belize vacations.

“We’re such a small country, and with hire cars readily available in town and the new airstrip at Maya Flats, right at our front door, visitors can actually leave here, discover a new part of the country each day and return to fine dining and the comfort of their own room. There’s nothing like a swim in the pool or a massage at the Hilltop spa after a long day of travelling to get you refreshed, and then our friendly staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

“It is a great way to see all of the country while enjoying an affordable Belize vacation at the same time. Even if you’re preparing for the future, you may as well enjoy the present, and we make sure of that,” he added.

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