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Setting the tone for your 2014 romance life just got easier! Adventure and Romance go hand in hand with these Belize Romance Specials.

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And now there’s a new class of devotees – that segment of society now known as “Preppers” or survivalists.

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Voila – a new home for yellow-headed parrots, who will hopefully nest and produce offspring to boost the population of this endangered species.

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A former Belizean news anchor joining a large group of celebrity supporters as the new head of environmental group Oceana in Belize is good news, according to The Lodge at Chaa Creek

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Mr Bradley also said that it was important to note that violent crime in the region rarely impacts tourists. “Unfortunately, it occurs among the disadvantaged in society and in the drug trade,” he said.

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So when he pulled into the Princess Marina in Belize on New Year’s day, the average onlooker would be forgiven for thinking this was just another sun-darkened tourist out for a day of fun, and anyone would be hard pressed to believe he crossed the open seas from Havana, Cuba on his little machine.

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Chief Agriculture Officer Roberto Harrison said that, “…there has been much controversy discussion in the public on the issue of GMOs in Belize, with two very strong sides for and against the introduction of GMOs.

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Our friends, guests and family literally circle the globe these days, so we’re grateful for the power of the web to reach out as we attempt to pass on our wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year to as many of you as possible.

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“The really good news is that people are responding positively to the message and philosophy of ecotourism and responsible travel,”

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The Lodge at Chaa Creek owners, Mick and Lucy Fleming have just announced that new offerings, tours and initiatives at the popular Belizean eco resort will make 2014 “one of the best years to discover or rediscover Belize.”

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No matter where you are, how you celebrate and what you believe in, we hope you share in our wish for Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to all Humankind

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While we anxiously wait for the finally tally of crime in Belize – 2013, all concerned with such matters say major crime in Belize City is the lowest it’s been in maybe ten years.

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According to the makers, The rum is aged and blended in a “variety of barrels,” then given a second go in Kentucky oak bourbon barrels.

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In another first, a Belizean track athlete, Kaina Martinez just signed a letter of intent for a full athletic scholarship at a major US university.

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A major exposition of Belizean Maya artefacts currently on display at the Science Museum of Minnesota in St Paul is being promoted by its curators as being the largest collection of Belizean artefacts ever shown in one location.

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We know how much these experiences mean to couples, so we remain flexible and sensitive to special requirements and wishes. All couples need to do is ask, and we’ll go out of our way to make sure that dream romantic adventure is everything they hoped for

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First of all, a child was saved though diplomacy and international cooperation. Secondly, it shows what can be done when nations work together for the good of their citizens.

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“Or in other words, given the chance between a job and crime, most Belizeans will take the job. And that’s what we’re seeing happen now,”

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“Low-lying countries like Belize will face the onset in the shift of the climatic norm and the impact of the rising sea level and coastal areas and beaches within the next two decades.”

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With the holiday season upon us, The Lodge at Chaa Creek is offering travellers six easy tips to ensure a safe holiday, provided by the Belizean eco-resort’s Safety and Security Manager, Emil Bradley