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There is no doubt that Belize is a birder’s paradise, according to the owners of The Lodge at Chaa Creek, who have been sponsoring professional, scientific and amateur bird watching for over three decades. And now the latest edition of Audubon Magazine not only confirms this but highlights it to an audience far beyond the Belize eco resort’s usual reach.

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A recent Discovery.com feature on scientists identifying a new species of megamouth shark that prowled the oceans about 23 million years ago contains some fascinating reading. But for those Belize aficionados among us there’s an added plus: a beautiful photo galley of pictures on an attached link PHOTOS: Sharks, Marine Mammals Hang in Paradise.

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Along with all of Belize we say farewell to April the Tapir, no doubt Belize’s most beloved and recognised animal.

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Mr Lazaro is the owner of the mechanized pontoon, taking tourists on a both relaxing and adventurous trip on the lake. The lake is man-made, caused by the Vaca Dam, creating an great opportunity to experience the nature in the mountains and get close to some amazing waterfalls.

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Even if you could care less about ethnobotany, ethno toxicology, Ayurvedic, neuroimmunology, Chinese medicine, alternative medicine or medicine in general, take a few moments and have read of this fascinating article.

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In June 2013, Cubola Productions offered to team up with donors in the private sector of the Cayo District to supply the Living Together a Belizean Social Studies Series for Primary Schools Standard 1 book and workbook at cost price. As part of the package we also committed to supply free training for teachers.

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Elijio Panti was the last Maya Shaman or Doctor-priest of Belize. He died at the age of 103, after a rich life devoted to healing others, physically and spiritually. In our trip to this culturally rich country, Belize, my personal interest in alternative forms of medicine was stimulated by the fantastic heritage left to the modern Maya people related with traditional healing and medicinal plants.

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Now, in addition to the barrier reef, Australia is known for being a highly competitive society. Have you ever watched Australia football (Australia Football League or AFL, or Aussie Rules as it’s more commonly known)? Protective gear such as helmets is unknown, and US footballers are laughed at for their use of so much body armour.

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The Management of The Lodge at Chaa Creek takes this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Andres Ponce for winning 2nd Place in the National Bartender Competition that was held in Belize City on October 25th 2013.

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The wing of this butterfly ranges from 83 to 92 mm and is colored orange with black markings. According to Chaa Creek Naturalist Guide David Juarez, the Orange Julia feeds on nectar from flowers and most of the time, they prefer the red or blue flowers.

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The Medical Tourism Association reports that “Medical tourism is a growing industry globally estimated at $60 billion dollars annually. Healthcare providers, facilitators, insurance agents and brokers, human resource professionals, hospital and tourism professionals are looking to receive advanced education in medical tourism as more insurance companies and employers implement medical tourism and more patients travel globally for care.”

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“Ever since receiving news of President Obama’s nomination of Mr Moreno last July we have been following the news closely and waiting for confirmation,” Chaa Creek owner Lucy Fleming said, “So it’s certainly good news to hear that his nomination has been confirmed.

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[ 21 Oct 2013 | One Comment | ]

We were tempted to just run one of the stories as reported in the international media, but that would be the cheap way out. Besides, most of them weren’t very flattering to Belize or our Prime Minister who, as we see it, as only answering a question.

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We have been asked by Rasta friends to make the sad announcement that spiritual leader Ras Fari has passed away.

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Ever since our ancient Maya forbearers have thanked the gods for great rain and all the other essentials to get that mainstay of life, corn to grow, harvest festivals have been a big thing.

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Curious what it’s like at Chaa Creek? Watch our site inspection tour. No models or fancy photography. Just the straight honest truth.

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Brion Young, who is also assistant manager of Chaa Creek’s Belize Natural History Centre, said the Post and Courier article confirms his own observations about the manatee’s growing popularity.

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Belize is the northeastern-most of all the Central American nations, making it the easiest of all to access from the U.S. You can be there in as little as two hours from Houston, or closer to three from a number of other cities in the eastern United States.Sure, expats move abroad looking for a change from their former lives and culture. But it’s still nice to be able to get back to visit friends and family without too much time or hassle. Not to mention, the shorter, less expensive flights make loved ones more likely to come visit you as well. Besides, despite its proximity, Belize offers plenty in the way of new and different experiences. However, one important factor that isn’t different from North America is the language.

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But apparently a lot less of it these days as the US Army Southcom teamed up with Belize law enforcement agencies to create cannabis raids that would bring tears to the usually cheerful rosy-hued eyes of Creech and Chong.

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This is good news, and The Belize Tourism Board released the information in much the same way it was received by tourism industry stakeholders – with big smiles across the faces. We are growing as an overnight tourism destination, attracting the sort of people who stay longer, spend more money, and get to know Belize and Belizeans better.