The Best Regenerative Ideas To Celebrate Earth All Year Round In Belize

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  1. Empirical Eco-friendliness 
  2. Wellness Getaways
  3. Going Off-Grid
  4. Traveling During the Off-Season

Our eyes, ears, and very own souls are starving for the endless treasures of this globe. “Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.” William Ruckelshaus was right – no matter how many times we come upon a breathtaking vista, we keep seeking more.

As we get more informed about the state of our beautiful Earth, we also want to acknowledge and take care of the free-hearted gifts we get the pleasure of enjoying. Does this mean we need to stop traveling and visiting some of the Earth’s rare jewels?

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Of course not! If anything, we must pay even more attention to these little oases found all around the world, and how to keep them thriving in the year 2023. Embarking on a regenerative escapade is your ticket to a luxurious escape in nature and one you can enjoy without harming our beloved planet.

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In fact, Condé Nast Traveler has revealed that in 2023, “ travelers will be going one step further as we look to deepen these experiences by having a lasting positive impact on the places and people we visit.” While you design your ideal trip to our eye-catching gem of a country Belize, staying green is as easy as falling in love with the sky-piercing mountains of Mountain Pine Ridge.

Especially if you choose to stay with your friends here at The Lodge at Chaa Creek where the majority of our staff are born and raised Belizeans, so we know a thing or two about caring for our country. 

Empirical Eco-friendliness

The days of folks yearning for sand and sea are left in the rearview mirror, a time where appreciation for the wild and new were unheard of. Now, the newfound appreciation of bonding with locals and immersing in their culture is what pulls at a traveler’s dear heart. After a couple of years being locked up from pursuing our wanderlust, our society has an appetite for social interaction. You can’t blame us!

We’re bursting with excitement upon greeting old friends at the dock, welcoming well-known regulars at the entrance of Chaa Creek and driving around new-comers around the all-encompassing reserve. It’s key to our soul as social beings. Because of this, travelers are putting their trust in Chaa Creek, who has been here since the start– literally!


Opened in 1981 when our country gained independence, Chaa Creek has grown and bloomed alongside its people into an effervescent wonder. We are definitely the experts in giving tips on how to achieve the quintessential regenerative trip to Belize.

Choosing to stay at Chaa Creek guarantees an adventure laced with authenticity and excitement. Don’t believe us? You’ll be the judge of that once you meet and experience the regenerative efforts that are hidden between soaring hills and magnificent forests.

From solar panels, to community outreach programs, to organic farms and microgreens, we know all about being green.

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It may very well be in our middle name! And if that isn’t enough, learn more about our way of life with many of our on-site activities such as the Open Hearth Hands-On Culinary Experience, Horseback Riding, and traversing our winding educational and medicinal trail. With so much to see, worrying about your carbon footprint won’t even be on your horizon.

Wellness Getaways

What’s that? You’ve never had a trip dedicated to indulge in your well-being? Well, like the Kriol phrase says, “Betta late than neva!” These kinds of getaways are calling the names of every voyager around the world.

Where we once sought thrill and adrenaline, we now crave respite and relaxation. How is this regenerative? It regenerates your very spirit and transforms you from fatigue and burn-out to relaxation royalty.

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Setting foot into Chaa Creek’s Hilltop Spa propels you into the world of wellness and the feeling of being caught in a loving embrace. We may even argue that just a single day spent at the gentle hands of our massage therapists is not enough!

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Breathing in the al fresco air, overseeing the gorgeous vista of the Maya mountains, and feeling the sore muscles being made soft and pliant again makes for the perfect experience.

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Treat yourself to a customized facial, a gleaming mani & pedi and a full body seaweed wrap. You’ll emerge feeling as good as new.

Going Off-Grid

Aren’t we tired of all the Zoom meetings, online calls, and technical chatter? It’s time to disconnect from reality and escape into the great outdoors. Globetrotters are discovering that what they need more than ever, is right in Belize’s backyard.

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Imagine setting off into a journey of privacy, seclusion, and the ability to be unplugged from society. These are the bare essentials to an off-grid hideaway. Abandon all the pixelated video calls, buffery work website and irksome emails for losing yourself in a microcosm of swaying trees, chittering critters and cascading waterfalls.

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Losing oneself in the rainforests that inhibit Chaa Creek’s reserve is all you need to stay in touch with Mother Nature. This won’t mean you’ll have spotty wi-fi and zero connection with people!

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Your room at Chaa Creek has the best service to keep in touch with home and post those jaw-dropping snapshots of the views. Just for a few days, give up all the internet traffic to celebrate the Earth’s teeming beauty. 

Traveling During the Off-Season

You’ll experience Belize in a light not many others get the freedom to explore, and all to your advantage. Venture in all the favorite destinations without worrying of overcrowding and stressing the animals, sites and communities. This way, you’ll have a better chance at an authentic experience, one without the bustling crowds of travelers.

Even better, you’ll be the sole recipient of the overflowing kindness of our staff, as we work hard to keep the place going in the off-season. The industry will keep flowing because of you, the thoughtful person that chose to travel when our days are usually empty. A well-balanced and restorative practice.

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These words of advice are just the tip of the Maya mountain! When you plunge into the wild and gleaming nature of Belize, you’ll know just what we’re talking about! What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with us at Chaa Creek? For booking inquiries, contact us at reservations[at]

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