Belize Eco-Kids 2019 Summer Camp Takes Off!

Belize eco kids summer camp 2019 takes off

The 2019 Belize Eco-Kids Summer Camp Is Off! Well hello there, if you’re reading this, then you’re probably a concerned parent who’s naturally worried about your child being away from home. That’s totally okay! I hope these blogs can help … Read more

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2018 Day 5: Land Conservation

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2018 Day 5 Conservation header

How often can you brag about waking up to the sounds of howler monkey’s swinging above your heads? Well… we sure can! Bright and early, before the sun could shine its yellow rays through the jungle treetops, howler screams echoed … Read more

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2018 Day 4: Maya Traditional Healing

Eco Kids summer camp 2018 Day 4 traditional healing header

Maya Traditional Healing at Chaa Creek’s 2018 Eco Kids Summer Camp You know what’s sad? Realizing you’re now officially halfway through camp. Yup, we’re half way done :(. At this point, I can’t imagine a life outside of this amazing … Read more

Belize Eco-Kids: Camp Concludes!

Eco Kids Camp Summer 2017

Friday – Sustainable Tourism We all woke up with a buzz of energy today, very probably from the huge amount of food we’ve been eating and maybe slightly to do with the fact today is water party day, and song … Read more

Belize Eco-Kids Summer Camp – Final Farewells Day 8


Last day of camp. There’s always a feeling – of release, of relief, of ending, of starting over. Suddenly, going home doesn’t seem so fun after all. Suddenly, you wish the camp lasted two weeks instead of one – or … Read more

What is the Eco Kids Summer Camp all about?


A weeklong summer camp that teaches Belizean children to be stewards of their environment and instills memorable values that will have an impact on the way children conduct their lives, their relationship with our fragile Earth, and the sustainable development of our future.

Eco Kids Learn About Solid Waste Management

Run from the water balloons

Today’s theme of Solid Waste Management meant that the day was not as hectic as previous days. Campers had a leisurely breakfast, and a couple games of “Wink Assassin” before diving straight into Arts and Crafts, recycling plastic water bottles to use as stylish bracelets. Some campers decorated their bracelets with the colors of the Belizean flag, while others went with more colorful heart stickers.

Eco Kids Learn About Land Conservation

Team Blue Monkeys  learning about growing pitaya

While preparations for the hike were underway, the campers sat down at the arts and crafts tables to make their very own wallets. Tastes in wallet decoration varied widely, with some campers using stickers, some drawing, some using leaves and sticks, and several using magazine cutouts

Eco Kids Summer Camp Day 3 – Medicinal Plants

Explaining why the white poisonwood is dangerous

Mrs Salome’s presentation on medicinal plants highlighted several popular Belizean herbs, such as serosee, thyme, and aloe vera, and allowed campers got to practice their bush medicine skills. A couple lucky volunteers pretended to have earaches, and they were cured by using thyme. From the excellent bedside manner displayed by some campers, it would seem there are some future doctors in the group!

Eco Kids learn about The Ancient Maya

Group photo at the lookout

Once we arrived back at Chaa Creek, Mr. Awe gave a presentation on the history and culture of the Maya, from their origins as hunter-gatherers crossing the Bering Straits, to the decline of their civilization thousands of years ago. And just to make sure the campers were paying attention, he split boys and girls into two teams and gave a pop quiz at the end. It was a close call, but the girls scored higher by one point!