Postcards From Belize: Locals’ Favorite Summer Spots

Table of Contents

  1. From Belize Town To Belize City
  2. Ambergris Caye: The Key to the Caribbean 
  3. The 8th Wonder of the World (… Weren't There Seven?) Let us know! 
  4. The West Is The Best: The Heart Of The Mundo Maya
  5. Where The Wild Things Are
  6. Find Your Postcard Just Like Our Founders Did!

Have you ever received a photo of emerald canopies and teal blue waters? How much more exciting can it get when reading “Welcome to Belize” as you flip the postcard inviting you to visit. 

Whether modern postcards, as seen daily on Instagram and Facebook feeds, or the old fashion physical postcards grandparents and parents sent, they have always been used to share images and meaningful messages to communicate and convey one’s experience. 

But then, how often would you encounter postcards from a region where the past is still present; and behind every picture, you’ll discover a rich history and a compelling story. 

Welcome to beautiful Belize, a petite country where beaches meet jungles, remote destinations unlike any other are waiting to be uncovered, and a colorful tapestry of cultures and traditions invites you to be a part of it. 

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Here are a few postcard-perfect locations that you should visit this summer! 

From Belize Town To Belize City

Belize City is an excellent place to begin your journey. As the country’s central hub and first stop, it perfectly introduces Belize’s history. 

Belize city, once the old capital, still displays its historical ties to its colonial past, with its various structures still inhabited today. Regardless of the city’s past, its people still graciously bow down to their Caribbean roots.

Some scenes you may come across might be watching numerous fishing boats while crossing over the old swing bridge as you head to catch a boat ride to the islands. 

img 9233

Ambergris Caye: The Key to the Caribbean

With 2 of Belize’s main islands sitting 20 minutes from each other and smaller islands scattered about, why not start the adventure by sailing the seventh seas? (Feeling like the Pirates of the Caribbean yet?)

Caye Caulker, a fishing and sailing village, inhabits one of mother nature’s most creative spectacles. The Split, being a popular swimming spot, is one of Caye Caulker’s main attractions, given that Hurricane Haiti created a land split on the island in the 1960s. 

belize islands caye caulker the split chaa creek

Need more? Head over to Caye Caulker’s neighboring island Ambergris Caye where clear waters and exciting personalities welcome you with open arms.

Try snorkeling above Belize’s Great Barrier Reef and feeling dazzled by the teeming marine life, or experience swimming with the friendly Nurse Sharks at Hol Chan Marine Reserve. 

Whether it be the main islands or small private ones, everyone will enjoy a postcard about living the island life! 

The 8th Wonder of the World (… Weren’t There Seven?) Let us know!

The Great Blue Hole is a part of the Belize Barrier Reef System and a World Heritage Site of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization since 1996. 

the great blue hole

It attracts recreational divers to submerge in turquoise waters and experience a diverse ecosystem brimming with corals of all shapes and sizes, gigantic groupers, friendly nurse sharks, and the more elusive reef sharks. 

Diving is one of many ways to experience the Great Blue Hole, as you can also take a helicopter tour and experience the scene from above. 

The West Is The Best: The Heart Of The Mundo Maya

On Belize’s western front lies many towns and historical sites, with some showcasing ancient civilizations. 

A trip to one of the most famous Mayan Sites, Xunantunich, will send you on an adventure where you’ll need to hop on a hand-cranked ferry that’ll take you across the Mopan River from the village of Succotz. 

Go tubing through an otherworldly cavern, Aktun Tunich Muknal, once visited by the ancient Mayans, and discover the remnants of their age-old rituals. 


Also, consider visiting Central America’s most prominent Mayan Civilization, Caracol (The Snail), tucked deep in the Chiquibul jungle, where Caana (The Sky Temple) stands proudly as Belize’s tallest man-made structure, a genuinely awe-inspiring destination to write home about. 

img 7789 hdr 2

In the West, there is always plenty of history and vistas to share.

Where The Wild Things Are

Only an hour from San Ignacio Town, Mountain Pine Ridge hosts Belize’s most unique landmarks, all easily accessible and waiting to be explored. 

The Rio Frio Cave boasts an entrance of nearly 70 ft, the biggest opening to any cave in Belize, with incredible stalactite formations and cascading freshwater pools. 

img 7882 hdr edit 2

Visit the favored Big Rock Falls, well known for its monumental stature (150 ft) and refreshing swimming spot to spend time enveloping yourself with Mother Nature. 

Find Your Postcard Just Like Our Founders Did!

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Rest assured that adventures in Belize are limitless, and sharing your experiences is unique with your personalized postcards. From Belize to you! Plan your next trip to Belize with us at Chaa Creek by contacting us at+1-877-709-8708 or emailing us today at [email protected].

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